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  1. Jim, have you checked out ISN yete? InspectionSupport.net. A lot of our guys have started using them, especially the larger multiple inspector companies. They do everything you need to run your office from automated text reminders before inspections to report uploads, cc processing, online scheduling, inspector tracking, etc.
  2. Scott, 99% of programs on Windows write to the system registry (ironically HIP is one of the few exceptions) so you need to reinstall them to work. The main thing is moving your data and getting the USB cable to connect your old laptop drive is one way or just do it via flash drive or over the network. If you get stuck with something just let me know.
  3. Kurt, I run Carbonite on several machines and haven't noticed this. I have almost 30 gigs backed up right now. I check it pretty often and it'll usually have 5 to 10 files left to backup so it's getting everything pretty often. I do think it shifts files around based on your internet speed though so maybe that's part of the problem. Carbonite will backup almost everything as long as you tell it to! I also use Cobian backup to send files to an offsite server and to backup to a hard drive. It's a free program that will do backups as often as you want it to. Marc, yes Carbonite can backup infected files. But, when you restore files to your computer you just need to scan them before opening them. They can't infect your machine unless you open or run them in some way. Install the virus scan before the restore, scan the files, then you should be good to go. This applies to any backup.
  4. GIMP is great. Not quite as easy to use as Photoshop but doesn't almost all the same stuff.
  5. PDA's are about the same price (sometimes even more) than these $399/$499 tablets now. With battery life now getting up to 10 hours and the weight down to 1.5 pounds. It's not like the old days of lugging around 7 pound, 12" tablets that cost you $2,000. The handwriting recognition alone is worth it. You're writing out entire words rather than a letter at a time and they auto correct plus you see more on the screen. Take a ride with someone local that has one, they've come a long way!
  6. Hey Dominic, I heard they are coming out with a 10" version. Any word on when or how much? Thanks. Robert Yeah, I talked to CTLCorp (CTLCorp.com) the other day who is the main reseller (the devices are actually made by Intel). They're hoping to get them in the next 2 months but there's no official release date yet. Main upgrade is a faster processor and a 10" screen rather than 9". I'll let you guys know when I find out more. I'm guessing the price will be $499 or $549 at the most. They're obviously trying to clear the current ones out and since their market won't be changing I don't think they'll increase the price.
  7. Get it while it lasts! The best tablet for the value in a long time is now $100 off. I've recommended and seen at least 100 of our users get these in the past few months and they've all loved them. http://shop.bjs.com/2goPC-8-9--34--Conv ... ewprod.htm
  8. Thanks Nolan, at least we know where to find him now
  9. [:-censore [:-censore [:-censore I better not say anything... I don't want to have too join ranters anonymous later... [:-taped] [:-taped] [:-taped] Hey, did you ever notice how UAC is almost the same as MAC except it’s like the M gets turned upside down? Maybe MAC secretly infiltrated Microsoft and helped create the UAC? Pretty clever… eh! MAC has to be behind it... you know what they say "follow the money"! Oh well I guess there is no point wondering why I need the files for my software spread all over the users computer... I will go back to try and figure out where they all need to go to make Vista and Windows 7 happy. [:-yuck] see I'm starting... [:-taped] Yeah, we've been in the same boat, resisting what Windows wants, to force all the files outside of the Program Files folder. Luckily I was able to find a way to elevate privileges to work around it for now. But I'm sure eventually we'll have to cave to MS demands. Jim, you're write. They should be brought up on charges for getting rid of clippy!
  10. I know the Texas committee uses Go to Meeting all the time. I read over the notes a few of the attending inspectors make. Might help to show a precedent where it's being used elsewhere.
  11. Nice find Scott! That's not a site I knew about, I'll have to keep an eye on it. I usually get my stuff from newegg.com . I see that onsale.com still has some $299 netbooks.
  12. Charlie, plenty of inspectors use the netbooks, but don't forget about the 9" tablet, basically a touchscreen netbook. CTLCorp.com has the CTL2go. I recommend sticking with the Windows XP version as it's cheaper. Windows 7 is nice but not necessary. For $499 it can't be beat, and it's created directly by Intel.
  13. Turn off User Account Control under Control Panel->Users. If you still have problems right click on the program and set compatibility mode to XP and Run as Administrator. That should cover everything. I know I helped quite a few InspectVue users get going that way.
  14. Depending on what version of Windows 7 you purchased , you can download the free virtual Windows XP that will run inside of Windows 7 at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtua ... nload.aspx . That should allow any XP program to run within it without a problem.
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