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  1. I think it is an epidemic! I inspected a home this week that did not have one either, although it looked like it previously had a downdraft cooktop installed. My local AHJ says it is recommended "write it up" but not necessary.? Yah, thanks. Back to square one. I will report it as deficient and not present. Observe, Evaulate, Report. Ron
  2. Mike, Thanks for responding to the questions for me....[:-thumbu], I have a family issue with my aging mother and have not been able to check the post for a couple of days. Of course you are right on the money as always. I have watched others post pics similar and it was my turn to find something lurking to ambush. Almost as scarey was the Federal fuse box on the other end of the weatherhead. No cover and a missing fuse...not burnt out mind you....missing, it was an open hole just about thumb size. I put a burnt out fuse in the socket and taped a cardboard box over the open panel. Yuck.. Are triple taps allowed with fuses?[:-dunce] Stan, I am a newbie and learn alot on this site. Great group of people, willing to help us new guys out. Thanks guys Ron
  3. HOLLY COW!!!! I saw this on an Inspection this week. Made me thank my lucky stars I looked first! All 3 conductor split bolts were exposed. Ewheweee. Damn, that was close. Ron Download Attachment: 7.JPG 116.92 KB
  4. Thank you all for your help, I guess I was taken in by "folklore" or "urban legend" on that one. Some day I hope to be 1/4 as good as you guys. Thank you very much for the help. Ron
  5. I remember reading somewhere that the receptacles need to be either a maximum or minimum distance above the garage floor. GFCI,18" for water heaters, but refrigerators are never placed upon a pedestal and their motors are on the bottom (usually)(dryers are usually operated manually so the thinking is you would smell any gas fumes prior to operating the device). I digress...My question is about the height of the outlets in the garage..Anyone??? Bueler? Thanks, Ron
  6. I have been using Inspect Express for almost a year now, I think I have picked up 3 full time clients, (read Realtors) (not ZOIDS), because of the Report format. I personally love the Summary section and the photo drop. I typically take between 40 and 70 photos of every job. I drop about 7 or8 photos into the summary and make it easy for the "handyman" to do his job without calling me for directions as to "which rafter tail was it?". Took me a while to get the hang of the software and personalize the options to my liking, but I am Very happy with it. I have no financial interest in it or this website. (they advertise here) I have had 4 other inspectors ask me which report software I use, because they want to use it too. If they are within 50 miles I tell them it's mine, (which it is, I bought it), if further than that I am proud to point them to I.E.. Very happy with the software and If I have a problem, they have a HUMAN answer the phone..OMG!!! Ron
  7. After writing every report I send a copy to the "office" server and then burn a copy onto a cd. I've lost data before and it aint no fun. Ron
  8. Thread stealer here. It was my understanding that the air valve is used to compensate for the pressure difference. Has anyone taken one apart to see if it is a bladder or a separation? Difference being a separation is attached to the walls of the tank and bladder is a free floater. If it is a free floater I cannot see and reason why you could not mount it anyway you want. Here, I've only seen them mounted vertically. i'll see if I can find the mounting manual for mine. Ron learnin' all the time here :~)
  9. Renron

    Whatz dis?

    I think its a still. Did ya test the moonshine for purity and odor? Ron
  10. Bruce, That was my thought as well, kinda "just in case" thing. I was wronge. Ron
  11. I'm gonna put my foot in it. I agree, too many 90s from what I read and see, could have been done a little cleaner. How come nobody mentioned that the Hot water expansion tank was mounted horizontally? Every one I have installed is vertical. Is there one with the bladder sideways? Wipes off shoes, Ron
  12. Once again, Thanks guys! Beer all around! Ron P.S. I'll take a Coors Cutters
  13. Thanks guys! I wanted to be sure of what I think I know....HuH? Yhaaa. I thought the white conductor was the wrong color too Brian. see I'm learning... About those solid copper fuses...... Mike. A one work answer. Is that a first? Everyone enjoys our humor...It's nice to be back Thanks, Ron
  14. Anybody ever see this b4? I inspected a condo unit with a subpanel for that unit#, sloppy but aok seperate ground bus and all. But to shut the panel down completely it took more than 6 hand movements, too many. The main breaker (single throw) was at the end of the building complex ~65yards away. How should I call that? Open for opinions..... Thanks Ron
  15. Here is a photo of a disconnect block in the attic of a home, it services a heat pump unit. My question is, can that small ground wire serve as the return leg safely if there is a problem with the other legs? Even if the neutral is not used by the unit should it not be available? Thanks for the help guys, I try to learn and listen from more experienced 'spectors. ( I know wrong color hot leg going to unit(white)) Ron Download Attachment: Los Santos 036.jpg 177.4 KB
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