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  1. I was hired to paint an attic with "Radiance" paint. Guess what? it works. By the time I had finished the job, the attic was a lot cooler. Don't know the actual temp, but it was bearable.
  2. "Plus, he was going to have to be there to help me manhandle that monster into place and to brace the bottom of it for me" Come on Mike, I've seen your picture. You mean to tell me that you can't handle a 40 ft ladder? I have a roofer friend that is about 5'2" and he packs them around like it's a step-stool. Of course his arms are about as large as my legs.[:-bigeyes2]
  3. I would make it illegal to buy ANY building materials with out 120 hrs of General Construction training.
  4. You know that they made a song about people like that? It goes: DUMM DE DUMM DUMM-DUMM DE DUMM DUMM -DUMMMM!!![:-hot]
  5. [:-bonc01]Way to go. Fantastic Traning. Want my 5 year old for a few ride alongs?
  6. UPS takes too long. I would FedX it but Tom Hanks might sniff it out. No, I didn't try the recipe. I will give my secret though. Marinate the meat all night in Italian Dressing with a good brisket rub. Cook slowley over Oak to start with then add Mesquite or Pecan wood. My BBQs take 4-6 hrs of cooking. Oh yeah, turn it and baste it about every 20-30 min. Don't let the flames come in contact with the meat. My pit is about 8ft long. Mike, sorry about the thread drift. But enquiring minds want to know.[]
  7. Just need to add--for those of you that don't know me, the strongest thing I drink is Foldger's Coffee. No alchohol is allowed. Sorry.
  8. Rockport is about 3 1/2 hrs south of Austin. About 30 miles up the coast from Corpus Christi. And a lot warmer than Ohio. As far as BBQ, I have been known to BBQ at Christmas. By the way, I live 2 blocks from the water. Come on down.
  9. come on now, that's not a handrail. They just left their ladder on the steps.
  10. You also have never tried my BBQ Ribs. Pork, Beef, Deer, Nil Guie, Ferral Hog, Elk cooked over Oak, Mesquite, and Pecan.
  11. Wow, that looks like a .3006
  12. Ok, don't want to get into any agent bashing here. Does anybody want to share ideas on how to market directly to the client without having to relie on agent referals? I went to IHINA's site but he doesn't have any thing posted that I could find. Thanks in advance.
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