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  1. Thanks for the replies. I am looking forward to attending the class and obtaining more information. I think it would be great for Ron and I as we don't have any family obligations. Ellen
  2. George, Send the candy, I am in control of the big lug!! Sincerely, Ellen
  3. Hello, Has anyone participated or familiar with the Disaster Housing Assistance Inspection Program? Ron and I are thinking about getting involved. We are taking a class next month, so as I now I don't have too much information on the program. Any insight is appreciated. Ellen
  4. Anthony, When you walk into a real estate office ask for the Broker. When she comes out tell her she is the most beautiful and thin women you ever saw and offer her a box of chocolates. Then tell her if you werent a faithfully married man she would be first on the list. When we first started Ron was doing the real estate marketing routine. Valentines day (this makes me sick now even writing about it), he dropped off chocolate candy hearts to an office where the smallest realtor was 250lbs. Thank god those days are over!!
  5. Hey Brian, I was trying to find something to watch on TV the other day and guess what, nothing on but the big dance. When's BBall season over? What next? Ellen
  6. Brian, Our house was built in 1951 one of the historic homes in the city!! We had galvanized supply piping in the walls and still have some under the slab (minimal). When we went to remodel the bathroom and kitchen an opened up the pipes, the pipes were all corroded inside/outside looked OK. It is amazing how any drainage occured. A couple of weeks ago we replaced our Orangeburg drain line. It is amazing how any drainage occured through that pipe. There is only two of us and the only hints we got were a clog maybe every six months that we would use a blow-by on. Ellen
  7. We see ductboard seldomly in air return areas under the air handler unit. Fiberglass facing out. We say that the air return can not be adequately cleaned and dust etc will adhere to the fibers. I remember Ron telling me that sometimes there is a sticker or label on the air handler unit for units installed in California regarding the prohibition of using fiberglass. Ellen
  8. We had a claim about 5 yrs ago. The E & O carrier did not want to settle. At arbitration the insurance carrier offered a 700.00 token. The claiment refused. Said he was going to sue us in small claims court 5 times. The first thing the claiment said to the judge in chambers is "this inspector has a very good reputation and I used him because he had insurance". He bragged to the claims adjuster that he had sued in some other state and won 3 times. The judge awarded him the inspection fee, we had a 2500.00 ded and the legal fees amounted to 8,500.00. That turned us off of E and O. It was very evident that claim that would not have been filed if we did not have insurance. Ellen
  9. Brian how come you didn't tell me about the previous wrong picture. Here is the correct one, sorry. Download Attachment: P1010018.jpg 157.42 KB
  10. Ron, Do you think they screwed up in the code book? Florida Building Code. I copied and pasted.
  11. I was just waiting for you to call me dear, actually. Here are the photos I think. Those were todays photos I was in the wrong stack! Here they are. Download Attachment: P1010023.jpg 147.41 KB Download Attachment: P1010024.jpg 143.71 KB
  12. We like this method of attempting to seal these ducts. Felt paper The red paint is where the power company did an energy audit for isolating leaks. Download Attachment: P1010023.jpg 151.59 KB Download Attachment: P1010023.jpg 151.59 KB
  13. How do you like these exposed nails these were all over the roof? This is what happens when shingles are not nailed properly. The remainder of the shingles are ready to blow. House about a block from the beach. Download Attachment: P1010018.jpg 144.7 KB
  14. Could it be where at one time there was a backflow wash drain connected to there for a old water filter system? As far as the H-clips if they were not there and the roof sheathing was not buckled and no evidence of that on the roof I don't think Ron would have called it out. It's nice to know that nobody has seen this before.
  15. There is a hole in the plumbing vent pipe in the attic space? You guys ever see this, first time for us. It appears that something should be connected, but what? 1960's duplex. Both sides the same. Download Attachment: P1010047.jpg 145.44 KB
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