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  1. I did taste it but not on purpose. In fact I still taste it a few hours later. But thank you for confirming!
  2. Wanting to verify with the learned folks here. I have not seen this type of insulation before. Is this Perlite? Thank you in advance! Click to Enlarge 60.65 KB
  3. I don't know where you get that idea. It's not ridiculous, but it hovers right at being ridiculous. B&H is an Amazon vendor, among many others. Amazon isn't Alibaba or Taobao. I am sure there is some vendor someplace on Amazon that is dipshit, but I and our other business buy mountains of stuff out of Amazon. Mountains. It's flawless. It's an absolutely awesome operation. Not taking anything away from B&H; they're excellent. But, Amazon's prices and service are just as good, sometimes better, especially if you're Prime. I've purchased what turned out to be gray market camera equipment and lenses from Amazon. I've purchased other items which were advertised as having a certain set of specs and when received had a completely different set. All from supposedly reputable sellers. Read reviews on thousands of products and you'll find the same story. I'm glad you've had good luck not all of us have.
  4. I've used a OnePlus phone for years. No bloatware and the same basic OS as Android with some tweaks. Otterboxes are the best defense against drops that I've used. Had one of my Samsung years ago. Dropped it daily from atop ladders and never had a single issue
  5. With Amazon you run the risk of running into gray market products which may not have a warranty and may be of sub-standard quality. You would need to check the sellers' feedback very carefully.
  6. I'd second B&H but I see I'm too late
  7. I see this at least once a week. It still makes me laugh every time. My client usually finds me giggling to myself and looks at me like I have 3 heads until I explain to them why.
  8. I stopped opening emails from that sender a long time ago and now just delete them as soon as I see the email
  9. I find these quite often. I put it in my report but don't make a fuss about it. I do usually see some rust in the ducting serving that register though
  10. And re-reading my original post I realize I posted in haste and didn't convey my worries properly. The post should have read that the guest bath was only accessible through the guest closet from the bedroom. I have not seen that configuration before. So I can't blame anyone for not answering the question correctly since I didn't even ask it right. That's what I get for being in a hurry [:-paperba
  11. I did not mean to offend and realize my wording in the previous response could have been better. Please don't let me from discourage you from asking questions. I have to admit I was annoyed but the good thing is I have thicker skin than that. While I rarely post here I learn from you gentlemen on a daily basis. Maybe one day someone will have a similar question and be able to learn from this thread. I am a firm believer of learning new things every day. If I think I know everything then I'm either an insufferable know it all or dead and neither is a good thing[:-paperba
  12. The just dumb comment was because of the possibility, at least in my mind, of moisture collection in the closet area. The only means of ventilation in the bath was mechanical fan. This was more for my information and to alleviate my concern not my clients report. I have not seen this setup before. If I am to learn I must ask questions. Thank you for your replies.
  13. I'm currently at an inspection where a guest bedroom leads into the guest bath. This is the first time I've seen a configuration like this and it just seems wrong. Is there any code cite to say this is wrong or is it just dumb? Attached is the pic shot from the bedroom through the closet into the bath. Thanks Click to Enlarge 42.68 KB
  14. I'm playing with Seek Thermal's device which is Flir's competitor. Their resolution is 206x156. From what I've seen Flir's device has slightly better optics which make their images easier to read but the device itself is bulkier.
  15. Word of advice on dealing with this type of situation. Don't call animal control. When you do the animal is usually taken to a shelter and these are high kill environments. Instead call the local Stray Rescue organization. These will make sure the animal is taken care of and adopted. Edited to add: I'm glad someone called and made an effort to save the kittens life so I applaud you and your buyer for that.
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