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  1. Is anyone familiar with these companies and the type insurance inspections they do. A friend asked me about this and I told him I would ask around. -National Insurance Inspection Services -Seer Insurance Inspections -Enservio Thanks in advance for any information.
  2. To all, I've been quite busy and would like to update everyone on what is going on with the patent issues regarding infrared. There are developments on a number of fronts. As noted in this thread, the house has passed a bill and now the senate is working on a similar bill which will eventually be reconciled and passed. This is one of the few bills in congress that is receiving bipartisan support. I'm not sure if anyone noticed but POTUS mentioned the Patent Troll issue in the State of the Union Address. Everything appears to be aligned and as soon as the bill is passed, it appears to have pre
  3. I bought one in Atlanta at IW a few years ago. I use it on the dozen or so roofs I can't access per year. I have the spotter wireless camera and a HD video camera. With a little practice you can get pretty good at getting detailed video of the roof. It is also flexible enough to bend around behind chimneys. They advertise the weight at 10#. Sounds like it would be easy to handle but when you have it fully extended, it can be a handful, especially if the wind is blowing. You will definitely build up some arm strength using it.
  4. Michael, At ASHI we are encouraged that the bill has come together so quickly. ASHI is a member of the industry lobbying group, Coalition for Patent Fairness, and our lobbyist in DC, Randy Pence has been promoting and tracking the progress of the bill. ASHI Executive Director Frank Lesh was in DC with Randy when the bill was filed. We are very encouraged by the rapid movement so far on the issue in DC however there are no guarantees when it comes to Washington. We will be sending out a legislative alert and a call to action for all inspectors and thermographers to call and write their ele
  5. With regard to your first question, I took actions to accomplish three goals: The first was to have the lawsuit against the inspector withdrawn. I achieved that goal just in time on the morning the inspector's response was due to be filed. I believe I had 6 hours left before he could potentially have lost by default. The next concern was to protect my members from immediate subsequent lawsuits and legal threats. I was able to achieve that goal, at least for now. The last goal was to provide a safe haven for all inspectors, not just InterNACHI members. When Bill Louden first called me about thi
  6. Safe havens can turn into prisons. They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety." Ben Franklin
  7. Great research Scott. We will definitely be using this as we go forward.
  8. To All, I am very familiar with this issue and with HomeSafe. They have been sending out letters to home inspectors and energy auditors threatening legal action for patent infringement since about 2009 or 2010. When I found out about this in 2010 I informed the ASHI Board of Directors of these threats. They took the threat seriously and appointed me to lead a task force to investigate the issue. We consulted four patent attorneys to evaluate the validity of their claims and the consensus among patent experts was that given the overwhelming evidence of "prior art" in this field, and the sp
  9. Cool project Darren. I used to be a commercial PM and loved my time on site. I have one question from looking the footing forms; In NJ does the mob place bodies in all footing or just select footings? Are there special code provisons for that kind of thing?
  10. I did the same thing working on a muddy location at a natural gas well in Oklahoma. All that stress of trying to lift each boot free of the suction of the mud caused a lower back spasm. I was laid up for almost a week.
  11. It appears the photo was taken on the weekend so the selection is not great; but there are a couple of cars in the parking lot...
  12. A friend at Kennedy Space Center sent me the attached picture. The building in the path of the sidewalk where the big fella is heading is the cafeteria. Click to Enlarge 58.45 KB
  13. I've heard Walter play and he is a serious player. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFQZSbpFdqA
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