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  1. Looks like poured concrete tooled and stained to look like tile. These "cracks" would be control or expansion joints. There should be material in between to keep out water, but it's not as critical under a cover.
  2. I was surfing around for info on him. Couldn't find much. Now I have what I need to know. Marc All the "services" offered are collection apparatus for lead generation. And now you know the rest of the story...
  3. She may just want you to write off on it to get closure. I've been involved with listing agents and sellers too many times that take care of it with "their guy" who want bailed out. A professional electrician will be able to assess and repair all by themselves independent of a home inspection report and accept full liability. I used to go, but will not go now even if payed. I think that leaves you in a better position if any repair issue lands in court. [:-wiltel] But full disclosure: "I ain't no lawyer"
  4. This is a direct quote from their advertisement; Course Description: This mold inspection course is a comprehensive study of mold and moisture damage, and the effects thereof on structures. It is conveyed in a "bump-up" learning environment. Learning begins in an abstract form and then expands into a more formative development of specifics. What is a bump-up learning environment?
  5. 500,000 deaths per year? You'd think that would get a little more press.
  6. Ironic, in my browser there is a home advisor ad for mold remediation on the bottom of this thread.
  7. There was no signs of water. I usually see the entry stuffed with a gray putty. I did not think of that. Is there a definition of, "easily ignitable material?" Good question, they should have specified a flammability rating. However, I just did a little research and found out some of the foams have flame retardant. I got this off the American Chemistry Council's website; Does the cured sealant pose a fire hazard? Is it flammable? Insulating foam sealants typically contain flame retardants and when installed properly, are designed to meet all applicable building and fire code regulations Installed cured product is combustible and will typically begin to thermally degrade at temperatures above 240?F/116?C. In addition, the unreacted chemical constituents in the can may be combustible, so you should carefully read the instructions on the product label and follow them with respect to avoiding installations in areas exposed to high heat, such as around fireplaces, heaters, radiators, heat lamps, recessed lighting, bare copper wires, or inside electrical boxes. So I guess we need to find the used can and read the label;)
  8. An enclosure needs to "be free of easily ignitable material". I'd call it out.
  9. That's what a bathroom is for ; "people getting closer to nature"
  10. I saw this one yesterday. Plastic. And the test button was broken. Click to Enlarge 34.36 KB I'll bet a dollar to your doughnut it doesn't have an approval sticker on it.
  11. Drug store beetle, or in your area maybe a tobacco beetle
  12. Thanks, that gives me a lot to go with. I've reconsidered looking for shots during an inspection though. I am too easily distracted.
  13. Also check your website from time to time. Check with different operating systems and different browsers to make sure it renders properly under all conditions. After reading some of these responses (excellent advise by the way) I went to take another look at mine, and it's all jacked up. No telling how long it's been like this. Guess this will be a long night.[:-weepn]
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