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  1. didn't have 1-4 and check with gas sniffer. My SOP.
  2. Had a customer ask me "your not going in there are you?" I said "you paying me, then unless it's not safe I don't have a choice." Glad I did, the kitchen drain had disconected and under the bathroom the entire structure was rotted right out.
  3. Wish I didn't have to.... Scum sucking vultures aren't worth a %$&^. If I miss something more than my $2500 deductable I deserve to lose.
  4. My gas sniffer is a 4 gas sniffer including CO. Also carry the Tiff 8800.
  5. I do however drop a marble from 2" on the kitchen floor, if it rolls, it slopes. Carry a torpedo level for ducting that looks suspicious.
  6. Just started using a pressure gauge, Wow I was amazed at how many houses in the area are over 80 psi.
  7. Didn't read every post but my two cents worth: Personally I do believe we are effecting the environment whether it's a natural cycle or not I don't know. My bottom line is that I try to be as green as possible... If I can justify it financially, every light in my house is CF, every toilet, shower head, washing machine, dishwasher is energy and water efficient, every window is low E argon, my criteria is that if it saves me the money over a 3 year period I'll do it. So far it's worked and I try to encourage my customers to do the same. If everyone on the planet did the same I don't believe we would be in as big an issue. I also RRR as much as possible. Just finished a 226 000 reno to a 1930's house, instead of taking the scrap lumber etc to the dump, I installed a wood stove which ofsets my heating costs in the winter. Saved enough by not paying the dump fees to pay for the stove. Saved about 800 this winter on heating. Yes I'm puting some CO in the atmosphere by burning but not having the need to drive it to the dump, not to mention the natural off gassing it would do at the dump, even with out the calculations I figure I'm about even carbon footprint wise. Bottom line little more up front, save in the long run.
  8. It turns out that now CAHPI is in trouble... confidential email sent to me, so I can't get into details... yet
  9. I wish BC would get their act together like Washington, here we require licensing but it is still left to at enactment 1 organization, now of course the BPCPA listed 3. You tell me Cahpi, Cahpi BC, ASST(or something like that) which I learned has agreements with Cahpi. Licensing came in April 1st, 2009(april fools), since then they have added CanNachi to the list. Since then Cahpi has terminated it's mandated program of NCH(National Certificate Holders). Without proof, as a conspiricy theorist it stinks to high heaven of a monopoly which is illegal in Canada. Of course the MLA who tabled the legislation was fired for unrelated causes so no chance of finding out from that angle. Biggest piece of evidence is that in 2006 my wife(secretary) was at a swim meet with my daughter, in the same facility there was a Cahpi BC meeting, she was wearing my colors and he asked her if she was going to the meeting. When she said no he said what are you going to do when you have to be Caphi or you can't work. As I said unprovable but I'll voice my opinion on the matter to whoever will listen, I'm all for licensing, our industry needs it but it has to be a level playing field: All inspectors having to take a government run program/test. Yes governments typically set the bar low but it is the only fair way to do things. I became a Cahpi NCH last year to comply. Now I'm told that by Mar 31,2011 I have to be a Cahpi BC or CanNachi member. The only possible saving grace is that PHPIO(Ontario) went national PHPIC(Canada) and is trying to reinstate the NCH. They are running into trouble as Cahpi never returned they're correspondance in time and is in fact now suing them saying that it is their program(what program, they terminated it). Anyway stay tuned as things are going through a transition stage north of the border.
  10. I've done inspections on site, printed out of truck for 6 years. I try not to allow my customers with me when I'm taking notes, instead doing a walk through after printing. Most inspections take me 3 1/2 hrs. Second year I did 4 in one day, too much so try to limit it to 2 a day with a 3rd on an emergency basis. Over 700 inspections only 1 claim which would have been won in court but my insurance wanted to settle because it was cheaper.
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