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  1. I have burned a few out myself. You may have to drill it and add the stump remover beads and then wait 6-12 months. It should be burnable by then.
  2. It might be some type of water filter to prevent scale build up on the heat exchanger.
  3. It is aluminum capping over pressure treated 6x6 lumber.
  4. Does anyone know what this is? We just moved into this house a few months ago and have been finding some strange things. Can I sand it off and paint it? Please see pics below. Thanks for the advice. Download Attachment: IMG_1110.JPG 1191.92 KB Download Attachment: IMG_1111.JPG 1226.7 KB
  5. I am sorry if I was not clear. I had R-30 batts installed because I know I will be working on some wiring issues soon and thought that would be neater. The current insulation is compressed in areas and there are cracks between some of the batts. I thought I would try and run more unfaced batts in the opposite direction of the joists but am not looking forward to the job. There are can lights too that will have to be dealt with. What do the pros think? Thanks for feed back.
  6. I just moved into a new home where the builder installed R-30 in the ceiling truss area. I had requested R-30 as a minimum. After looking at their work, the electrical wiring is woven in and out of the insulation to where we probably only have R-11 or less in several locations. You can tell by the snow melt on the roof that it is poorly insulated too. What is the best way at this point to improve this situation? But you know I think they might have saved them selves a few bucks on their wire material!
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