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I don't know if this has been posted before, but this site is home to several in depth final reports and a PowerPoint presentation, all related to the same government sponsored study. The reports, which address different aspect of the results, affirm the advantages of sealed and conditioned crawlspaces. It's great information.

You'll find the downloadable PDF Reports begin about half way down the page.

Someone involved in the study spoke at our seminar today.

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I suspected that might be the case (I was away from TIJ from late 2007 - early 2010). I've been an advocate of sealed and conditioned crawlspaces back when it wasn't cool to be so - at least not with home builders. It sure is great to see their about face on the subject.

But, since it has been posted before, feel free to delete the thread if you wish. There's no sense in taking up valuable space.

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