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State versus A.O. Smith water heaters


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My wife and I need to replace our 17 year old A.O. Smith 50 gallon gas water heater. The two plumbers we are talking to use A.O. Smith and State water heaters and I am unsure which brand to ask them to install.

What is the better brand for a gas, 50 gallon requirement both in terms of initial cost and upkeep, as well as the annoyances like sediment and leakage?


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Some good info here if you really want to know how to squeeze all the life out of a water heater that you can. Read the sections about anodes and the reasons for draining your tank periodically to get rid of sediment. It's a lot for a homeowner to absorb, but good info for inspectors.

For inspectors who like old stuff, look at their photos of old water heaters. This guy is REALLY interested in water heaters!

http://www.waterheaterrescue.com/pages/ ... aters.html

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