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Squirrels causing cracks and missing shingles on ridge vent?

Nancy Leopold

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I originally posted in Sept.  Thanks for those that responded that I should make a claim.  I am updating my problem since the roofing contractor has now decided that the damage is not from wind but is from squirrels or racoons.  I had new roof GAF Architecture shingles and nail over ridge vent installed January 2011.  In September 2019 I found many cracked and missing shingles over the ridge vent.  I was told not under warranty and that it was due to wind.  My warranty states "Furnish a 130 mph Lifetime materials warranty and a 10 year workmanship warranty.  I needed to get it done so I paid for repairs.  Now exactly one year later, and no high winds, there are many more cracked and missing shingles in the same area over the ridge vent.  Rest of the roof is fine.   I've made a claim with my roofing contractor who went out to inspect.  Now he says that what he thought was wind damage is actually from either squirrels or racoons trying to get in. He says that the ridge vent and shingles need to be replaced and provided me with a quote.   He sent me a picture of an area that has scratches and a little damage on the plastic part of the ridge vent.  Coincidently, I had just removed tree limbs that were hanging over the house in that same area.  There are actual cracks in the shingles. My question is whether this damage can be caused by squirrels?   




Roof 2020.jpg




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It doesn't look like wind damage to me either. On the other hand, squirrels are not particularly muscular. They don't do damage like that; they chew stuff. 

If a raccoon wanted to get into your roof via the ridge vent, there'd be no more ridge vent left. My best guess is that the raccoon is just bored. 



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