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Electric Meterbox located inside

Jerry Simon

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Rear addition on house now contains the meterbox for the main underground electrical service entrance cables.  Meterbox is enclosed in an interior wall cubby about 10' in from the new exterior wall.  Never seen a meterbox with other than an exterior location.

I explained that in the event of a fire, the fire depart would have a bit of trouble locating the main service panel since they can't use the meterbox as a hint to the likely location of the main panel.  I also suggested this may not be permitted by the local electrical utility company, or by the local building code for that matter.  (And, if such is prohibited for whatever reason, that suggests the lack of a building permit for the addition.)

Other than that, what else should I think/know about this very atypical meterbox interior location?  Thanks!

FYI:  Main disconnect/service equipment is in the basement, not at the meterbox.

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My experiences in many locations have shown that the meter box/can location has to be approved by the Power Co before they set the meter.  They publish guidelines of service installation requirements but some don't mention meter location.  If there was no service upgrade with that addition, the PoCo wouldn't have been involved.

Attached buildings in old downtowns and historic districts almost always have the meters in the basement.  These include many mixed use buildings with multiple meters.  Some PoCos require the purchase of a padlock (from them for a ridiculous price) for unscheduled access into the building .  Many other older buildings with inside meters are often required to relo it outside when there is a service change.

I wouldn't want one of those defective new "smart" meters that spontaneously ignite inside the building.

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