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On a new construction final walkthru inspection, I called out the lack of airgap/highloop (AG/HL) at the dishwasher. The superintendent gave me a line that it is "code" for dishwashers to have them installed internally when manufactured.

After a little debate, returned home to do research and get my facts straight. I found specific citing of necessity of AG/HL in code and also pulled the manufact install instructions and found their "recommendation" for a AG/HL.

It's obvious that I have the docs for the repair to be made, but have read conflicting info on other sites about the necessity of an AG/HL.

What have you guys experienced with this? What is your stance?

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I call it out all the time. It's just a zip tie for criminy sake!

Tell the super to produce the manufacturer's installation instructions. Here's one from GE, which is similar to the units in most tract houses in our area:

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif GE dishwasher install.pdf

259.4 KB

Look on the right side of page 6 for an illustration.

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