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Roof drain and plumbing vent

Stephen Lagueux

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We hardly have any flat roof in my neck of the woods but had to inspect one yesterday.

two story house, the roof drain comes down the wall and exits to the side of the house about 4-5 feet high. There is no plumbing vent on the roof but I noticed this configuration (pic here below) letting me suggest that the plumbing vent has been connected to the drainage column.

I say this combination is wrong but not sure, any thoughts?

The top portion is the drain exiting the side wall. The lower portion would be the plumbing vent.

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I've never seen anything like it. It is absolutely wrong.

I will give the guy credit for thinking 'outside the box', but no, that won't fly. [:)]

There is an easy chance of the drain icing up in your part of the country, not to mention the usual clogging with leaves and debris, if anyone needs more than obvious reasons why that is wrong.

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