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Cleanout Proximity to Air Vent - OK?

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Ok here is my problem I used to work for as Plumbing company in Queens and moved to Long Island NY Nassau county I am not sure about the difference of Plumbing codes. I am here to ask you a question. I have a main sewer cleanout in front of my home next to a fresh air vent coming out of the ground the clean out is in a 2 foot deep pit and the pit has a slate crappy cover someone can fall in. My question is can I open the cleanout and extend it above ground and cover the hole? Is this an old septic connection that was converted to a sewer system? I have some pictures if you like

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I don't know of any rule that says you can't improve access to a cleanout.

The cleanout doesn't vent sewer gas, except when the system is being worked on.

In this area, we never see a sewer pipe cleanout outside, always inside. Nobody worries about sewer gas coming from the cleanout.

The air supply pipe could have been installed at the wall, and it would be better there.

There's no way of knowing from those pics if there ever was a septic tank.

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