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A thermal imaging energy audit can be performed from outside or inside, and preferably both for best results. From the exterior, it can show areas where expensive heated or conditioned cool air is escaping. From the inside it similarly shows where warm or cold air is entering. Both steps pinpoint areas where improvements can be made. It is not uncommon for us to identify sections of walls or ceilings with inadequate or even no insulation. Previously undiscovered gaps and deteriorated weather-sealing are frequently found where significant energy losses are occurring. Finding and remedying these spots can save considerable money and reduce energy consumption.

Other major sources of energy loss we often find include insulation that has settled or shifted inside the wall, access plates for electrical outlets or phone jacks, and canister lights, smoke alarms or ceiling fans not properly insulated after installation. Thermal imaging can also identify leaks from heating and air conditioning ducts that are heating or cooling walls or the attic and wasting energy without the homeowner knowing it. Improperly sealed or settled windows and doors are other energy wasters.

If your home seems to be never warm or cool enough, and the system is running all the time, the problem may be due to numerous small leaks around windows and doors and other difficult to locate areas. Thermal imaging is an important part of a full energy audit that we perform for our customers

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