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Texas Inspectors linking to eachother


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This post is for all you Texas inspectors out there who are outside of Austin and it's surrounding areas. One of the inspector directories that I am listed on sometimes sends me potential clients that are out of my area (even though I list my area). When I get these calls, I inform them that unfortunately, due to geography, I cannot do the inspection. What I would like to do is refer them to other fellow TIJ members rather than being a dead end. I would like to put a link to all of your websites on my site so that when I get these calls, I can send them your way if they are in your area. I could search the journal directory for this information but I don't want to link all of your sites to mine if you do not want me to. If you would like to be linked to my site and be referred by word of mouth, please email your information to me and I will put it on my website. This site has helped me out tremendously since I started in this profession and continues to do so. Therefore, I would like to return the favor to all the other Texas inspectors who are also members of TIJ. Thanks a lot and I hope this may help all of you in some way.

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