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Phyllis Cokley

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I recently purchased a home, which is in the process of being built. The porch has an overhang and water from the overhang, cascades off the lower roof line. This is causing the water to leak back into the porch area, as well as one of the rooms inside the house. The absence of gutters, the water backs up onto the porch and has a cascade of water coming off one of the side walls.

Is there anything in the Florida Building Code that will support requiring the contractor to install gutters?

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Hi Phyllis,

It sounds like the builder only needs to use a little common sense to realize that he needs gutters there. However, since Florida has its own odd code requirements we'll have to wait for someone from Florida to weigh in here.

In the meantime, I suggest you point the splashing water out to the builder and tell him you are concerned with those walls not being able to dry out for the splashing and the prospect of potential mold growth caused by over-wet walls that can't dry out sufficiently before they are closed in.

Betcha a nickel that the mere mention of mold will get him moving.



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I don't know about Florida but here in the Phoenix area we have expansive and collapsible soils. The 2000 [iRC R801.3] Says in my words that in any area known to have expansive or collapsible soils, all roof water shall be collected, gathered and dispersed no less than five feet away from the foundation, into an drainage system that will prevent the water from migrating toward the building.

This is not a quote, I left the book in the truck and am to lazy to go look it up.

I think Florida patterned their code after the IRC so it may be there.

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The Florida Building code that I know of is a statewide code which I believe municipalities have to go through tons of work to add amendements.

The code addresses drainage off the roof.

Typically we see a gutter installed between the roof and the screened room.

This situation sounds like a no brainer,if water is not draining off the edge of the roofs and running into the home and screened area something definately was not done right.

My advise is to hire a home inspector, get everything documented. Visit the neighbors see how theirs is done.

This is a code regarding roof drainage. I do not believe that your situation warants a drain, most likely a gutter will do the trick. Of coarse there may be subsequent damage caused by the continual leakage. Good thing it is not rainy season.

Roof drainage. Unless roofs are sloped to drain over roof edges,

roof drains shall be installed at each low point of the roof. Where

required for roof drainage, scuppers shall be placed level with the roof

surface in a wall or parapet. The scupper shall be located as determined

by the roof slope and contributing roof area.

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Nix the last message. I made up my own question.

Here is the code for gutters.

§1503.4.4 Protection against decay and termites. Condensate lines and

roof downspouts shall discharge at least 1 foot (305 mm) away from the

structure sidewall, whether by underground piping, tail extensions, or

splash blocks. Gutters with downspouts are required on all buildings with

eaves of less than 6 inches (152 mm) horizontal projection except for

gable end rakes or on a roof above another roof. Irrigation/sprinkler

systems and risers for spray heads shall not be installed within 1 foot

(305 mm) of the building sidewall.


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