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But...I've got a note!

Richard Moore

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Great service drop!!! Tied to the original insulators which is then tied to the mast using a piece of rusty bailing wire (tough to see in the photo). FUBAR!!!

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#2 cu SEC's to a newish panel with a 200-amp main breaker. Normally, I'd call that but then there was this handwritten note inside the panel.

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That makes it all OK...doesn't it? [:-propell

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What happened here was a horribly added mudroom/laundry (basically looked like they filled in the rear porch). They then "blended" a shed roof into the original roof over that POS. Just an educated guess, but I imagine the service got upgraded a long time ago at which time they used the original 3-insulators as the attachment for the drop to a then new mast. All was well until the new roof.

"Don't they get inspections in your part of the country?"

Only when things are done with permits! The owner/landlord of this rental had screwed up every "improvement" he had made. Here's the only "upgraded" window, another example of his fine handywork...

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Can you say "vapor barrier"?

My client, the sitting tenant, decided not to pursue the purchase after the inspection. Scary thing is she is still living there while she looks elsewhere.

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