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FLIR Systems Introduces New 'SD' Model


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BOSTON, Massachusetts

Flir Systems, Inc., has introduced the BCAMâ„¢ SD, a new and enhanced model of its popular BCAM infrared camera used worldwide by building professionals to monitor and diagnose the conditions of buildings. The BCAM SD generates high quality thermal images, stores up to 1,000 JPEG images with its removable SD/memory card and features dew point and insulation alarms specially designed to detect excess moisture and insulation defects.

With its removable SD/memory card, the 1.25 pound BCAM SD can house up to 1,000 images in standard radiometric JPEG format. These images can be inserted into email and MicroSoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from the SD card and shared with others in the field on the camera’s bright 3.5â€

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