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Risk Management: Strategies for Avoiding Complaint


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(Part One: Before the Inspection) By Alan Carson

Good home inspectors don’t get complaints.

We thought we might catch your attention with that opening sentence! Actually, we believe that all home inspectors get complaints eventually. Why? There are several reasons but part of the answer may lie in our definition of a home inspection: “A home inspection is a high-liability, in-depth, multi-disciplined technical analysis of the home conducted under adverse circumstances in front of a demanding audience, requiring the generation of an incredibly detailed written report prepared in an unrealistically short time frame for an inconceivably low fee.â€

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Sorry guys, haven't posted in a long time, but do read everything. I loved this article. This is the very reason as an owner of a Home Inspection Company I have made it a policy to never get involved in a legal dispute against any Home Inspectors, Realtors, Appraisers or Builders. This job is very difficult and we know how hard all inspectors work to do there job, and anyone can be sued, even the best, most qualified inspector, just because the buyer doesn't understand, didn't bother to show up, even though we encourage everyone to come to the inspection. I just feel as an industry we should stick together, because if you get involved in a legal dispute against another inspector, what goes around comes back around. Everyone is sue happy these days....

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