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Ad: Have you made a mess of your accounting...

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..and can't figure out your assets from your elbow? You can make more money NOW by just getting clean and clear financial reports. Here's how, just attend Ellen Rohr's teleseminar this month.

Topic: Learn how to Mind Your Own Business...SMARTER! Ellen's Guest Stars are...

Glenn Elliott of MYOB Accounting Software www.myob-us.com

Peggi Sturm of Sturm & Associates www.peggisturm.com

Have you created a big, Slinky-knot mess of your accounting? Or, have you buried your head in the sand when it comes to the finances...hoping the money will miraculously handle itself?

Learn how to Mind Your Own Business...Smarter! Peg and Glenn are MYOB accounting software experts. They have offered to share their tips and tricks for getting the MOST out of your accounting software and your "Bean Team!"

The Teleseminar Date is Wednesday, October 17th,at...

1:00 pm Pacific Time

2:00 pm Mountain Time

3:00 pm Central Time

4:00 pm Eastern Time

And...some great news. Ellen has made the sign up process for this FREE Teleseminar soooo much easier. Just click here for the sign up form.

For more information, email contact@barebonesbiz.com.

Ellen RohrBare Bones Biz, Inc.


3120 S. Know It All Lane

Rogersville, MO 65742

Phone: 417.753.1111

Fax: 417.753.3685

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