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The house I inspected yesterday has a heat pump system (not uncommon here in Texas). The outside coil is a Lennox Model # HP22-511-1P. Serial number 5193B26215. According to Prestons: Manufactured in 1993; 47,000 BTU/h Capacity; EER/SEER 12.1.

The horizontal unit in the attic is also a Lennox (electric). Model number CH19-51-2. Serial # 5193J63621. I could not find this half of the heat pump team in Preston's. I'm fairly certain it is of the same vintage (particularly given the serial #), but I'm bothered because I could not find the model number in the guide. Don't think I wrote it down incorrectly. But I have done stupider things.

Don't have my copy of Prestons with me now, but this will gnaw at me until I figure it out. Am I overlooking something obvious? Any sage wisdom out there to point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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