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Dryer Vents

shark teacher

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According to what i see it was revised in the IBC in 2006

Modification Number: IRC 2006 29.

Section: M1502.2 Duct termination.

Anyway i do not unsterstand the why of the question. If it don't look right question it.

Aroiund here we do not do code inspection but if knowledge and common sense dictates a potential problem and/or hazard we advise and report it accordingly.

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Originally posted by shark teacher

Thanks, I bought the home in 1992, first time home buyer, didn't know much. I recently replaced my dryer and was informed by the person installing it that it wasn't properly set up (it vents into my unfinished basement). So I'm going to fix it, but I was trying to figure out if I had been taken advantage of in '92.

Most likely, you can call the manufacturer, and/or check their website, and get explicit instructions on how to install the vent. Mfr. specs trump code.


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