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  1. sometimes the installers leave them that way till everything is done and they are to be moved to their proper location a lot of times it never happens..lol
  2. a little anti oxide paste would probably have solved the problem
  3. Yes it is an amazing system Many european manufacturers build such shuttle systems
  4. It is a cottage and it is the master bath on the upper floor I too assumed that 24" would be fine since there are no appliances i.e. washer / dryer It looks like it will end up as a 28" in lieu of a 30" thx
  5. I'm inspecting a new construction and the customer called in a panic today. It appears that the framer messed up and the roughing for the bathroom door is to small so the solution is to install a narrower one. what is the minimum door with allowed by code for a bathroom? thx
  6. If you're trying to determine if it's coming from the SEC then did yiu check the weatherhood outside to see if it is not broken? You could be getting wind driven rain down the conduit. Just a guess
  7. Hi Bill I thought mounting them on some sort of plywood and not directly to a foundation wall was a code requirement. always see them done this way in Quebec cheers
  8. I am not sure I understand the question but this may help www.americanairheatingco.com/geothermal.htm www.boreal-geothermal.ca/choosing-your- ... -pump.html
  9. If it's an electric water heater then its ok Looks like the installer invented some kind of union joint to make installation and removal easier sure got a lot of crimps for such a short run
  10. just don;t stick your fingers in it!
  11. From yesterdays inspection. 3 floor multi unit building. 1900's construction. Old owner tried to fix it up and flip it. Ran out of steam and money i guess. Now bank repo. The new buyers want to fix it up and flip it. Not surprising. On the roof the old owner did some ingenious work to vent the range hoods and dryer vents thru an old skylight chase. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday was an interesting day. I an still fairly new to the inspection game but I am betting gonna start seeing more of this as the market here keeps getting hotter. Click to Enlarge 76.81 KB Click to Enlarge 81.22 KB Click to Enlarge 84.04 KB
  12. Normally if shingles are not installed per the manufacturer's recommendations - good lucjk at any compensation. If your codes are anything like ours usually minimum code is less than the manufacturer's minimum recommendations so as such unless a new home warranty with the builder is in effect then i guess that's it. I wish the codes would be updated so that as a minimum the manufacturer's standardd installation proctices would be respected.
  13. support your fellow man Buy local............ canadian or american!!!! who knows how safe this thing is
  14. I've seen a presentation done by one of the local reps here. Haven't come across any installations yet. I guess it's like everything else there will be a learning curve. Best thing for inspectors I guess is to get as much info from a local rep and maybe they can refer a contractor who is using the system and go see an installation in progress.
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