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  1. NG filed some motions. Friend of mine sent me the below screen clip.
  2. There was a trial on 08/19/2019 and a decision made. I do not have the documents from that decision. One has to create an account to spend the $0.75 to get the final order. I've been told that NG is appealing and anticipating a 2-year process in that effort.
  3. Seeking some input/observations on an underlayment product such as: Blanke Permat I'm in the process of removing some old tile in our house and will be replacing with new tile that my wife likes much better - 😉 I've come across several strips of a filament strip that had been put over some existing cracks when that tile was installed likely about 20 or so years ago. Our house was built in 1982 and is slab on grade. Only had two tiles with physical cracks at door from utility room to garage. I also had an elevation survey done on the house this past spring and nothing of note to be concerned about. I just wanted the report for a benchmark for my files. Typical North Texas black, clay gumbo that shrinks and expands with more/less moisture. I do have a foundation soaker line in place that I use about the house when I notice that the soil is pulling away, but usually only see that with 95+ degree days for a week at a time. Anyway ... all that, for some background, to ask for y'all's observations on the product such as Blanke Permat. That type of underlayment versus using filament tape over each discreet crack in the slab? Blanke Permat Underlayment
  4. Tnx for the mention Marc. I used Whisper Reporter and its predecessor for 18 years. I retired this past spring and still use the application for some other projects I deal with as it isn't just for "inspections". It is a very adaptable application. I was also one the Beta testers for WR while I was using it as well. There are routines in WR that will let you import your history of saved comments from your current application. Whisper Reporter by Whisper Solutions
  5. Pretty good YouTube video about "insulated studs". Insulated Studs
  6. Texas Governor Abbott and his office apparently is working on things. More information to be announced.
  7. When the CSST issues became top item for local TV news a number of years ago a lot of folks and organizations got involved. Notably the fire marshals weighed in and all of a sudden the City of Lubbock banned all CSST installation for new home construction. I think that ban lasted a year or two. Reason for Lubbock was where someone was killed when a home caught fire after a lightning strike and it also happened to have CSST installed. It was a home less than one year old. The mother and family of the individual killed in the fire has become the voice/face of the anti-CSST lobby that is quite prevalent in Texas. The city of Frisco, TX changed bonding requirements to include CSST and then they went on to require that any metal in an attic must be bonded. One can run into a cobweb of green bonding wires running every which-way from any metal in an attic to a multi-lugged barrier/terminal strip that has a #6 from the strip to the SEP. And our wonderful TREC down here has changed some language in the rules that paints a slightly larger target on the inspector's back. This is thanks to the lobbying efforts of the CSST manufacturers with the TREC Staff. So glad I'm retired from inspecting anymore!! 🍷
  8. Some Houston area legislator tried to add some language that did something that many others didn't like and the item never got out of committee as they could not come to terms of whatever they were bickering over. As it is the only thing that will save it now will be a special session, but (so far) it is not likely that the Governor will call for a special session. I have a friend who works in the Governor's office and she has said that (as I noted ... so far) there are not any plans to call for a special session to correct this.
  9. Another retired home inspector and I were trading messages today along these lines. Quite true in that the push for licensing seldom ever provides a quality plumber, electrician, inspector, etc.. As you have noted licensing makes the consumers feel good as it also makes the licensing agency feel good and "in control". In our case it is the infamous TREC. It is interesting to see the local (all over the state of Texas) TV news doing news stories about this and talking with plumbers and the 'woe is me' ... or rather 'customer' who is going to get ripped off. One local (D/FW) station had comments being made that 'poop' was going to be backing up into their homes due to plumbers not being licensed. Local TV ... all about the hype. Runs the gamut from politics to now unlicensed plumbers.
  10. The just wonderful Texas Legislature recently finished their every two-years session and have done and not done a lot of stuff ... mostly rather stupid in many cases. One of the major items is that they have shut down the State Board of Plumbing Examiners, Licensing & Regulation. As of 09/01/2019 any 'Chuck in a truck' can paint a plumber label on the side of his truck and call himself a plumber. No education or license required. I've heard from several sources that the Governor is not planning on convening a special session which could resolve the issue, but highly unlikely. State Board of Plumbing Board Examiners official statement
  11. The fellow on the screen and the TV stations news article used 'CCST' instead of 'CSST', but you get the idea. Another home with a lightning strike and the home happens to have CSST. BTW - I dislike CSST with bloody passion. My $0.02 is that there is nothing wrong with black iron for natural gas delivery in a home. East Texas (near Longview):  Lightning Strike on home that happens to have CSST
  12. I've been using an Olight M20-X Warrior light for the past 6-7 years. Switch has never failed, have replaced one rechargeable battery and it has a 3-level switch. Has served me very well. Kurt M. gave me a head's up on this Olight many years ago when he was still active on TIJ. I recall one additional plus he made about the Olight was the scalloped light shroud that could be used to keep REAs at bay. I'm retired now, but still use the Olight for a multitude of projects each and every week.
  13. That is correct. Goodman (I think Janitrol was part of them as well) has had a checkered past. Goodman family first owned and controlled them and were (initially) reasonably good. Then they sold and went public and QA/QC went to hell in a hand basket. After many years of 'crap' the Goodman family took them private again and kicked butt for good QA/QC. Made many improvements during that time frame and also purchased the Amana name and it was sort of considered a Cadillac versus the Chevrolet (my terms for Amana and Goodman labeling). That was the time-frame I was able to experience the tours at their Houston factory and distribution center. The Goodman folks were very open and vocal about the past and their move back to private ownership and the QA/QC focus to try and improve the perception of "Goodman". Goodman had always (and still is) considered lower class, builder's grade (IE: cheaper) product. I'm wondering if Daikin will have any better luck at changing that perception over time?
  14. Daikin purchased Goodman back in 2012 if I recall. They have taken their time to get the naming plates modified. Couple installers in D/FW have the Daikin name all over their service trucks and I'm seeing more ads about the product as well. We put in a new complete HVAC system (w/furnace) in 2009. I chose an Amana that had a couple upgrade elements from the similar Goodman unit. Get my annual spring A/C service call tomorrow AM and what seems to be an annual replacement of the fan in the top of the condensing unit. I've been on tours through the Goodman factory and their distribution center in Houston a couple times. Pretty impressive with their quality controls. Planning on getting an American Standard when it comes time to replace this one, but I hope that won't be for a few years yet.
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