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  1. Inbox full

    Just checked mine and the mailbox is empty.
  2. What Is It?

    OK, I got the telephone nook, phone book slot, etc., etc.. Now what about the trap-door and sliding board or board that 'folds down and out'? Maybe a "gossip bench" ??
  3. Is this "Fair"?

    In the scheme of things home inspectors in Texas are small potatoes. The "zoids" and their state and national organization have all the control and power. The 'voters' (IE: homebuyers) don't want to get caught up in such petty things with TREC at the state level and the legislature. They only deal with an inspector when they buy their home (if then) and they follow along (in most cases) who their 'zoid' sends them to. Such an effort would also take time and money ... none of which comes easily for the small inspector community in Texas. Most of us who have dug in and fought over the years are now at the "winding down" stage of inspecting and are mostly just tired of the continuing b.s. from TREC and the legislature and the 'zoid' organizations.
  4. Is this "Fair"?

    I well understand. I am also very strong-willed and went toe-to-toe with TREC many times over the years. Many of my inspector friends have done the same ... but their political connections and lobby is beyond the reach for us inspectors.
  5. Is this "Fair"?

    No way in Hades will you or anyone else be able to change minds at TREC and the legislature. The Inspectors Advisory Committee (supposedly on the inspectors side) is definitely NOT on the inspector's side and they just do the bidding of the TREC Commissioners and TREC and the realtor's lobby is in bed with the legislators. Sad ... so very sad ... but it has not changed one iota in my 16+ years inspecting here in Texas.
  6. Is this "Fair"?

    As Jim L. (inspector57) mentioned our "beloved" TREC (HAH!) one of their recent new rulings is a mandate to the brokers/agents and their websites that a link to TREC for specific documents we have to present to clients has to be a 12-point font. They missed adding that mandate to the section of the rules that impacts inspectors, but we will also have it on the next go-round. What is funny is the 12-point font notation as if it is ink on paper. I don't think TREC realizes that sizing can be a touch different online and especially with the mobile devices. Of course there are many other things they are changing (always changing), but this one caught my eye as a bit of a humor and stupidity.
  7. Inspection Agreements

    FWIW - my tongue in cheek comment about such agreements is that they are often of not much value beyond the cost of the ink on the paper. Any good (and sometimes not so good) attorney can rip pretty much any agreement to shreds. I got that basic fundamental from the attorney I used 15+ years ago when I was only in the business about 3 years. He is still a close friend and has handled many "negotiations" over the years between inspectors and clients. I agree with Chad and Marc.
  8. That would be the last thing I would want.
  9. Burnham "Electric Steam Radiator"

    And then there is some "real steam" from a great locomotive .... UP at 75MPH ... Real Steam
  10. Which Brand HVAC???

    Goodman/Amana was purchased by original folks and was taken private. At that time they did a serious turn-a-round to focus on "quality". I've been through their manufacturing, testing, shipping facilities in the Houston area. They used to be known as "builder's grade" or even less than that, but has changed once they took the company private. I had an Amana system (heating and cooling) installed at my home about six years ago and it is working very well.
  11. Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings


    School Location: These classes will be held in a classic historic building (the former Swan Library) at 4 North Main Street Albion, NY midway between Rochester and Buffalo. All classes begin at 8AM and end at 5PM Click on "Inspector Central" URL at bottom left of Chad's post. Will take you to their website and then the address URL will be active.
  12. Best roof cover for low pitch roof

    Part of the problem might be that many installers might note be able to "read" ... in any language.
  13. Staying healthy for long career

    67 for me and I've slowed down a lot in the past year or two. Save for being a T1D (Type One Diabetic) since 1967 my health is very good. Just can't do or keep up the pace I used to maintain. Like Erby I have similar comments: "I'm happy as a clam, I woke up on the green side of the grass ... and everything after that is a gift." I am winding down the inspection career and that might occur in about two+ years.
  14. Odd pattern in stucco

    I'm not a 'stucco specialist', but I would suggest "ghosting" or "thermal bridging" of product under the stucco.
  15. I created a new stream of 'All Activity Since my last visit'. I'll click on that when I log into TIJ. I don't keep the forum open at all times on the computer so that is an easy way for me to get a quick snapshot of 'recent activity'.