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  1. Saw this article in the WSJ. Already in process with appraisers and they are looking to expand. Maybe inspections will be next? I've attached a PDF of the story in case the WSJ paywall comes up with the link. OK, Computer:  How Much Is My House Worth? 2018-1129-WSJ_HowMuchIsMyHomeWorth.pdf
  2. Agent is an idiot (THERE ... I've said it). Also your client does not know what the difference is between an inspector and an appraiser. Tell them to contact the appraiser for those measurements. No ... it is not something an inspector should do or be expected to do.
  3. I have not, but I have participated in one of their NHIE Exam review, brainstorming sessions in the Chicago area. This was many years ago and I was honored to have been selected to participate along with many other well-respected inspectors from around the USA. At the time Texas was not using any portion of the NHIE. Since then our Texas TREC has changed the exam rules and NHIE is used for most of the exam with a module tailored for Texas. I think some other states now do similar. Best wishes for you Chad if you proceed to dive in. You will do very good.
  4. #2 sort of looks like a horse & buggy. Drooping lines in background are the harness connecting the shoe and bottle. Giddiup ...
  5. I've been on a mission and I think I have found the manufacture source of the "binding post". Link will take you to the website for the catalog from Bunnell Telegraphic and Electrical catalog with a suggested published date of 1901. Image is from the page relating to the "binding posts" the seem to be quite similar to Katen's image. http://www.telegraph-history.org/bunnell-tel-elec-catalog/index.html
  6. This museum in Bellingham, WA might have something to help provide more data. Fellow from this museum has also written a book about the history of telegraphy that is available at Amazon and elsewhere. http://www.sparkmuseum.org/
  7. Just saw a blurb about this 3D printed home. Was done at South by Southwest in Austin, TX that is going on this week. ICON - 3D Printed Home on YouTube https://www.iconbuild.com/
  8. I think he is working on it ... Blacksmith Forge
  9. A CFL in an exterior post/yard lamp. I would almost expect that if you turned the switch "on" now (February-2018) that the light might actually light up by May or June.
  10. Mike L. - You should consider a compilation of your images into a book of sorts. Yes, inspectors would be intrigued, but we're a small community. I could see the general public finding your images very compelling.
  11. Well then this is something to consider.
  12. I will try and score to open SEPs as best I can. Mostly (in Texas) the panel is in the garage, but sometimes still heavily painted over ... or blocked by boxes, garden tools, shelves, etc.. If there are shelves built and covering the SEP ... Nope ... I'm not opening. I seldom ever see an agent (listing or buyer's). Occasionally one will show up for what I call my "verbal book report" with the client. In the past many years I think I've had two properties where the listing agent was there, sitting at the kitchen table, for the the entire inspection. Outside of that ... I seldom ever see an agent. Pretty much been the same for my 16+ years inspecting. More so in more recent years for sure. One other observation that I've noted over the past 5+ years is that the listing agent is often not wanting the complete inspection report sent to them (via the buyer's agent, etc. as part of negotiation). They only want an applicable paragraph copied/pasted into the to/fro for negotiations. They don't want the report to come through their e-mail system, they don't want to see it and they then can't be held liable for anything. I find it interest, but it is not my concern once I deliver the report to my client.
  13. I live in Plano (NE burb of Dallas). The market in D/FW is not a whole lot different than the Houston, Austin or San Antonio markets. They are all doing reasonably well. Now, how the business will be doing in 2-3 years will be anyone's guess. I can link you up with a fellow who has a multi-firm in the D/FW area. A lot of new HIs go to work for him and then branch out on their own. Not a huge presence of franchise operations here. The majority of inspectors don't care for them as most (if not all) are pretty much in the hip pockets of the real estate agents/brokers. Many of us who have been inspecting for 15+ years are looking at winding down. Several of my close HI friends and I have stopped doing certain inspections for any given number of reasons that I won't go into here. Also, getting ride-a-longs in Texas is tough due to the rules from the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and the additional liability and burden put on the licensed inspector(s). I've been asked, begged, pleaded with for many years to have a new or want to be inspector ride along and I just won't do it. I'll take time to talk to folks at a coffee shop or over lunch, but they can't go any of my inspection sites with me. In my view ... just not worth the risk. There has been a lot of good information presented here for you mull over. Take the steps one at a time and be measured in your approach. That is the best way to go.
  14. As noted ... Texas is it's own world when it comes to inspections. Go to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) website and look at the inspector's section. There is a whole criteria of what one must do to get licensed to inspect in Texas. The final exam is the NHIE and a portion of the exam is tailored for Texas. I've been licensed/inspecting in Texas for 16+ years, but will be winding down over the next year or two. Tagging on with a multi-inspector firm is not a bad way to go. If you do focus on SE Texas (IE: Houston area) I can refer you to an excellent inspector to engage with. He is NOT a drive-by inspector ... he is experienced and thorough.
  15. Dunno which version of Word you are using, but here is a link for the MS Office 2016 release. Others would be somewhat similar I'm sure. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Combine-documents-f8f07f09-4461-4376-b041-89ad67412cfe
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