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  1. Joining Word file together

    Dunno which version of Word you are using, but here is a link for the MS Office 2016 release. Others would be somewhat similar I'm sure. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Combine-documents-f8f07f09-4461-4376-b041-89ad67412cfe
  2. Visiting San Franciso

    Consider going just North of SFO and visiting Muir Woods. They are just beautiful. That side of the bay/city is totally different than SFO as well. https://www.nps.gov/muwo/index.htm
  3. Do you report it

    When my SEP was replaced a few years ago I had several "spare" circuits routed in our home (as Jim noted) for future proofing. Not terminated in panel, but labeled. I also have 4 extra/spare breakers plugged in, but not yet wired. Also labeled. More future proofing. Electrician who changed out my panel had recommended the future planning for the "just in case" times.
  4. Avoid this type of knee injury

    The "maturing" of America (and us inspectors) ... I won't say: "aging". Inspector friend of mine has now had knee surgery in past couple of years. Mine are dicey and I'm trying to be as careful as I can. Have also been using knee pads for many, many years. I'm only about a year behind you Denny with full/complete retirement.
  5. Light Fixture Problem

    Well, maybe it is time for this tried and true lighting fixture ...
  6. flashlight bulbs

    Jim B. - About what happened when the bulb went dark I'm sure.
  7. flashlight bulbs

    I can well understand. My Norwegian grandmother and grandfather on the farm in NE Montana were quite similar.
  8. flashlight bulbs

    Les - Best I could come up with for now.
  9. 1969 Home wiring

    Changes made and thanks for the proper information.
  10. flashlight bulbs

    Jim -- Using your words ... you are a "cheapskate". I got an Olight M20-X Warrior flashlight well over 7 years ago with a rechargeable cell and have not broken or lost it yet ... or spent any additional $$ for cells, etc.. I also recall Kurt M. indicating that the light shroud on the light can be used to keep 'zoids' at bay. !!
  11. 1969 Home wiring

    RE: "Wiring" ... I've been "learned" that one of the reasons for the use of aluminum branching wiring was more evident (or possible) from the early to mid-1960s to mid and late 1970s (give or take) was due to the Viet Nam war. Due to copper being used for munitions, thus aluminum seemed to be appearing more in homes during that same time frame. I have no idea if that is actual fact or not, but does at least seem plausible. I used to suggest pig-tailing or the Alumicon products, but have stopped even that over past several years. I advise my client to have an electrician make sure the switches, receptacles, etc.. are all AL-CU rated. Early products used to be only CU rated. In my view the devices with the AL-CU ratings should sufficiently hold either aluminum or copper ... even with aluminum and its larger 'expansion/contraction' properties.
  12. 1969 ranch with full basement in Cleveland

    Terry McCann and I keep in touch as we're also both amateur radio operators. Anyway ... Terry retired from home inspecting two years ago. He did not mention any referrals and I don't know anyone else in the area as well.
  13. Arc Fault breakers testing?

    I only test AFCIs when the property is vacant or staged. Decided many years ago to skip testing the AFCIs when I was inspecting the home of a 'day trader' who had many computers, servers and monitors in his expansive office. I figured it would be in my best interest to not interrupt the power to those machines. Liability a bit too much for me in that situation. I do a very close look, however, for the 'blue button' Square D AFCIs that were recalled in November 2004. Still see some of them about from time to time.
  14. Inbox full

    Just checked mine and the mailbox is empty.
  15. What Is It?

    OK, I got the telephone nook, phone book slot, etc., etc.. Now what about the trap-door and sliding board or board that 'folds down and out'? Maybe a "gossip bench" ??