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Sewage Pump Venting


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I observed a sewage pump installed for a newly added basement bath. I have not seen many sewage pump installations, and those I have observed had either an appropriately sized AAV or an atmospheric vent. This one's vent pipe

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73.79 KBis connected above the point where the pump discharge line pumps into the main waste line to the septic. This is a closed loop. Other than a slight gurgling from the utility sink, which may be able to be resolved with an AAV installed near the utility sink, this seems to be functioning just fine. Is this an acceptable installation?

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That's a wet vent. Instead of a separate vent line leading to atmosphere, both pipes connect to the sewer drain line (one above the other). It's a wet vent because the line has water and air in it. Whether the install is OK in your area may depend upon the AHJ. In my area, this is permitted, even though several plumbers I've talked to don't like them. The gurgling is air.

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