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E&O Insurance in Oregon

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Question for you Oregon home inspector's......

I am up for renewal on my general liability and E&O insurance. I just spoke with Charlotte (sp) down at the CCB who told me that Oregon does not require E&O insurance for home inspectors. She said all I need is the general liability. I argued nicely, so she spoke with her supervisor. The supervisor said that E&O insurance is something that insurance companies try to sell, but that it is above and beyond the requirements for a home inspector. Am I going crazy, or is E&O insurance still required, and at what limits? I wish they would quit messing with the requirements.

My SIC code for general liability is : HIC (home inspector)-- min. requirement is 300,000 until next year when I have to change--- this category no longer exists

Man, if the people in charge can't help me, who can......

Thanks for any help

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As far as I know E&O was never required, just general liability insurance and bond are necessary. My policy has an exclusion in very bold print that states that my insurance policy is not a professional E&O policy.

I do not carry E&O yet, I have thought about it from time to time. When I did look into it, wow $$$$.

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