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  1. If Service Magic is just a service provider or referral agent then that should not be a problem. Unless Service Magic directly benefited from the sale of the house somehow. The problem is when an Inspector pays to be on a list that is maintained by an entity that is financially interested with the sale of the home.
  2. Brandon, I'm sure that the CCB has made it VERY CLEAR, that pay to play is not acceptable. Doing so can get your license revoked. I do not know who the inspectors are that are on the list but they should be aware of the CCBs policy. The Pru-NW list has been around for quite awhile now. Here is the link to the CCB FAQ http://ccbed.ccb.state.or.us/WebPDF/CCB ... I_FAQs.pdf
  3. As for me, I spent the day pondering i.e. thinking, about stuff e.g. the difference between i.e. and e.g.
  4. I think it's because there are so many electrons in the same area they feel confined and are pissed off at each other. That is just mad electron sound, sorta like bees.
  5. I think the lowest edge of the vent was 12 inches or so (maybe a little more) up from the drip edge. The ventilation needs to be up the roof far enough so that the air enters the attic space not the eave area. I also believe that at an Air Vent seminar/presentation the presenter told us straight up that it could be installed in such a way. I did read the install instructions, looks like they say it should only be installed at the edge. Seems to me that it shouldn't matter so long as the intake slot that is cut in the sheathing is as low as possible in the attic space. So if there is a little overhang having the edge vent up the roof a bit should not be a big problem.
  6. Here is a link to the Air Vent product I was talking about. Air Vents's Edge Vent http://www.airvent.com/professional/pro ... edge.shtml
  7. Paul, That's an Air Vent product. I've seen it installed in a new home and saw it at one of Air Vent's presentations. It's not drip edge, it's installed on the top (covering side) of the roof about 1-2 feet up from the edge and beyond the eave/sofit area. It works like ridge vent except it's an intake.
  8. I can't think of a way for air to get in to the water lines without some sort of leak. Even then, the water is under pressure and would leak out long before air would get in. Does your plumbing system have an expansion tank installed? If you have an expansion tank that is full of air instead of water, the air may be coming from there. Could the TPR valve on the water heater be discharging or damaged? This is kind of a WAG.
  9. That looks like a double sink, it would only really need one trap, which would make the install cleaner. Did you mention the lack of a high loop in the dishwasher drain to the disposal??
  10. Well, that was very thoughtful of the HVAC tech to help the home owner out that way. [:-censore
  11. Thank you for that. My gut reaction was to say it did not give proper protection, but I thought I'd better ask to be sure!
  12. What ??? Can't you read my mind ? Photo posted.
  13. Doh! Looks like there was no vent pipe installed in this flashing. I always look down in these guys, sometimes I can see insulation. This time I saw something I could not explain from the roof. Inside the very small attic (no pics) the bathroom exhaust fan was attached to this flashing. Talk about a double whammy! I think I may have laughed a little too loud, because they heard me through the access hole. Another day, another chuckle !! Click to Enlarge 92.54 KB
  14. Does a sliding glass door, like the kind one finds leading to an exterior patio or deck, qualify as proper fire protection between the house and garage ? I think the owner of today's house must have really liked the look of his garage!
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