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Warranty Inspections Reports

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To those who are doing warranty inspections is your report the same as a typical home inspection or do you just address the issues and problems at hand?


It is pretty much the same, but I do add items that the owner has found that they don't like. Most of the time this is more in the cosmetic area. I had one warranty inspection a few weeks ago and the owner wanted me to note that water was standing on the patio (it had been dry for a week or so) and roof runoff was etching a line across the driveway near the garage and he felt like the builder should have installed a rain gutter in that area.

I ask my clients to go ahead and make a list of what they have found and I tell them that I will add their list to what I find. Most of the time I find everything on their list but every now and then they will have something that I did not see.

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For warranty inspections, I give my clients the choice of a full report or a defect only punchlist for a reduced fee. "Punchlist" is probably not the correct term as it will include photos when I think they would be helpful. I have a special agreement for these with an area for the client to initial the option they decide on. Most clients, after living in their homes for almost a year, don't need the purely descriptive stuff (materials, locations, etc) and choose the defect only report. That is definitely the case when I did the original inspection and they already have that report. I lose a little money on these but I'm happy to swap that for the time saved on the report.

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