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The purchasing habits of home buyers is evolving. 10 years ago most didn't touch the internet before buying, today over 80% do. Today's Home Inspectors not only has to have a website, they need a website that ranks well with the search engines.

If your not familiar with Search Engine Optimization you may want to "Googl"e it and find some tutorials. A little work on your part can make the difference between your site being on page 1 or page 5. Internet search websites are also getting more refined and are able to provide local information based on your search request. Companies such as Google and Yahoo allow businesses to provide information to enhance local searches. Google allows you to build a profile (including a coupon if desired) at no charge. Here is an example if you type in "your town, your state" and "home inspector" in the Google search bar you will get the following results:


Arrow 1 shows you the organic search return which is Pacific Crest Inspections. Arrow 2 is the local result and Pacific Crest Inspection also shows up because we signed up and filled out Google profile. If you click on the Directions and more tab you get this result.


In essence Google (and other local search sites) are giving your business another website just for signing up.

Some local search sites purchase the data from third party database providers that source the information for the printed yellow pages directories. There are three primary database providers of local listing information: InfoUSA, Localeze/Amacai, and Acxiom, all of which provide the various search engines, directories, and vertical sites with local listing data. Each has its own process for validating business listings. You may have a listing based on your phone number (and your phone company providing the information) but its good to see if the listing is accurate and in the correct area. The great thing it is easy to get local web presence by investing a few hours in front of your computer. Here is a list and web addresses of local listing providers. The big dog is Google as most people prefer it as a search site. But you don't want to stop at Google as having listings on a number of sites boosts your overall search ranking and enhances your web presence.

There are companies that will assist you with developing local listings for a fee. Most of the time they will do things that you can do yourself and I don't recommend them. If you have questions feel free to contact me at Rick@Paccrestinspections.com.

Rick Bunzel is the principle inspector with Pacific Crest Inspections. In the recent past he has chaired the marketing and PR committees for a national home inspection organization. Locally, he chairs the North Puget Sound Board of Realtor’s Communications Committee and is a Firefighter/ EMT with the Mt. Erie Fire Department.

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