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  1. Can we say, "Steve Bartman"? To be fair, as long as the ball has broken the plane, it's fair game for fans and players. If you look at the replay from the Cubs, the ball had broken the plane...and Bartman, along with all the other fans in the area were all trying to catch that...and Alou isn't that great of an outfielder to begin with, so his chances of catching that weren't good anyway! But alot needs to be said for the Houston fans-you're right Kurt. The series ended on Wednesday, this is Monday...I'm still riding the wave!!!
  2. It wasn't pretty...sometimes. It wasn't the pitching that most of the baseball minds thought it would be...sometimes. What it was? Great drama...by both teams-all the time. This series could have gone either way. The combined loss margin was only 6 runs!!! But in the end, it was the team that made the least amount of mental errors that won...and that's all that needs to be said!!! I don't know about the rest of the country, but this was must see T.V.!!! And the White Sox proved why they were the best road team in all of baseball this season, by winning every clinching game in the opposing team
  3. For those Nay-Sayers out there, who think the Sox won on a controverserial call-They Did!! However, after tonights game, it's safe to say they showed up and played a game that lets everyone know they're for real! I have no doubt this series will be close the whole way through, but I do believe the Sox are headed to the World Series. And the bullpen? When they ever get in a game, they'll be well rested!!!! On to game # 4!!!
  4. Hey Brian...I agree with you, Bobby should get the NL manager of the year nod. It seems in the last few years, the prognisticators (not "The Great Prognisticator", mind you) have all claimed to have this team in a rebuilding stage, and all Bobby does is motivate them to win!!! And since the basis of Manager of the Year is the regular season, I have a hard time looking elsewhere. I'm sure there are those out there that would root for Phil Garner, and an argument could be made for him. But with his pitching staff, he was also picked as the wild card by many. The slow start was an anomally for th
  5. As a life long White Sox fan, this has been very fun to watch!! I'm also a realist...they have a hard time playing the West coast teams. When the Angels were in town last, they swept the Sox in 3. When the Sox played them earlier on the West coast, the Angels were missing key players. They have to have that in the back of their minds, as I do believe the Yankees aren't going to make the ALCS. With that said... The rainout this weekend in NY is going to make setting a starting pitching rotation for the next team difficult...plus any other position players with nagging injuries, or just p
  6. Around here, they're still in use too. I've seen them in older parts of Elgin, Evanston...ancient pieces of machinery that some people still swear by!
  7. Update...after several comparisons, taking time to listen to friends online or in real life, and a great deal of patience (something I'm not known for when it comes to buying something I really want!!), I ended up getting a great deal on a DeWalt sliding compound mitre saw! With the new product lines coming into the market, it occurred to me to ask about floor models that have never been used. After checking around (other stores, ebay, talking to a couple DeWalt reps.), I found this to be a very valuable buy!!! Jim...I should let you know, I found it very intriguing to take up your advice
  8. Thanks everyone!!! For the record...it won't just be for my bathroom, but several projects I still have in mind. I do want something durable, and that will last me a long time-I hate having to pay for something else, when I might be able to purchase the right product now (if I go that route, i.e, Mr. Katen). I'm taking all advice under consideration, and I appreciate everyone's input!!!
  9. Hi All...it's been a while since I've checked in, but I had a question about Mitre Saws. Some of you know I gutted my bathroom & have been working on it for a while. I've been searching for a good compound mitre saw. I don't want to pay alot for it, but some of my buddies around here have said to buy a sliding compound. I'm probably going to buy a sliding, but I've been checking out different brands. My feelings on this, are most of them are very close to the others (though I've been told Hitachi's and Makita's are probably the best-of course, that was a salesman, who I believe worked on c
  10. I can certainly understand that, Mike. I would only say it needs to be out of harms way. We have them back here too. In fact, they need to be on Lennox Pulse furnaces...otherwise, the entire house will shake. Just installed where they won't be damaged. But I can see your point. Different areas, have different issues. Not having that much seismic activity in the Chicago area (but having a great deal of political wind in the heart of the city), it wouldn't have occurred to me. Good point of view! Thanks!
  11. When you say no bathroom or roof above...could you clarify that for me, please? Was there a ceiling directly above this? Did the flu look like it had rust forming on it? I have a couple things running through my head, but can't get a complete picture just yet. Was rust forming at the top of the tank, including at the hot/cold pipes at the top of the tank? I'll keep hold of my opinion on this, until all the facts are in. Also...around here, the flex connector (some areas call it an appliance connector) should be called out. It should be changed to hard pipe. Connectors are great pieces of
  12. Jim, I would agree if I had the time. I only recently found out about it, and the only reason I'm considering it is because it's 10 miles away. I'm planning on the ASHI conference next Jan., though.
  13. Hey Everyone! I just got my brochure for the NAHI seminars on June 24-26. Now don't get started on associations, or who's better. I'm just curious if anyone's going to attend? I might take in a few classes here and there, since paying the entire fee & attending all the classes wouldn't be beneficial for me...also, I have to work Friday, and it would be a waste of my time. But they have a few other classes I'm thinking of taking up, if for nothing else, to bone up on a few things. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
  14. Hey All...thanks for the info & the laughs! I never beat myself up about things other people have better ideas of, or more info about-I just LEARN! Much appreciated!
  15. I personally had the makeup artist for the Lord Of The Rings create the prosthesis you see in the pix!!! Good job, huh? Never have to worry about shoes anymore!!!
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