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  1. Depending on how long the house has been vacant. If the house was not properly winterized or if a hose was left on the bibb during the winter there could be a leak on the down hill side of the valve. Only leaks when hose bibb is turned on.
  2. Interior has all been redone. New drywall, electrical, and insulation.
  3. I recently did an inspection on a 1924 house that had EIFS installed on it approximately 10 years ago. There are wood widow sills left in place, cracking in the finish coat every 4 feet (the size of the Panels) and I can see the fasteners radiating out through the finish coat. I recommended further evaluation by an EIFS inspector but was wondering what any of you think of what I am seeing. Looks to me like failure around the house.[:-monkeyd Click to Enlarge 37.52 KB Click to Enlarge 35.73 KB Click to Enlarge 30.58 KB Click to Enlarge 55.34 KB.
  4. NO they where the waste paper couldn't read them anymore he thought they where full of crap.[:-monkeyd
  5. The only other option would be if they did spray foam insulation up on the inside of the roof sheathing. Thus making the attic space actually part of conditioned space and thus eliminating the need for venting. It is pretty expensive to do, not likely but an option.
  6. Besides they would need one for every drain not just the kitchen sink.[:-monkeyd
  7. I frequently run into requests from home owners to perform a WDO inspection and to concentrate on a specific area like a window or a corner of the house due to an appraiser flagging an area and thus the underwriter calling for a WDO inspection. When I get there I generally see that there is more damage or occurring with the whole house and that I would need to report on that as well. Then comes the argument from the owner and the loan originator stating that they only need a comment about the window. I know we are not lawyers here and are inspectors but do any of you run into this. What do you end up doing? I usually don't except the job and charge for showing up.
  8. That's the problem whatcom county is very small and even though there are rules and regulations governing inspectors and real estate agents it does not prevnet them from black balling the inspectors that do it right. It happens all the time up here.
  9. A balcony drain centered right above the window in the stucco wall. Oh well. It all looks right to the architect. I think that's a Juliette balcony. Romeo can do no wrong. [] Too bad she falls through the balcony after that wall rots out. She is the East no She is on the ground OOps. Sorry Sweetie[:-monkeyd
  10. Oh and I forgot to tell you the real estate agent that originally hired me is not happy with me because I called out the siding again
  11. My feelings are hurt that is the only thing you find interesting. Bad Form
  12. Ok you got me Yes they become smaller after reading the eval. That happens as they walk away
  13. Heres one for you. I was called to inspect a house for a local Real Estate agent that he was buying in hopes of turning and flipping. He asked that i look at the Major issues of the house and give him an evaluation. House was full of storage debris and other things that made a full inspection impossible. I let him know this but I was able to partially evaluate the stucco siding. The stucco siding had horizontal cracks all around the house and garage. Cracks where very linear in nature. I recommended having a stucco expert evaluate and make recommendations for repair/replacement. Now fast forward 7 months. I get the call to inspect same property for the new perspective buyer. I noticed the stucco had been resurfaced but had new cracks in same location. Upon entering the garage I noticed that the unfinished wall exposed the stucco siding from the back side. I also noticed that vapor barrier and fiber board where missing. I could also see the original crack and could see daylight along the other side. So I again recommended that the stucco expert be contacted and get his evaluation of the siding. I did advise that the current condition is not advisable and should be evaluated by a different stucco expert. Attached are pics and stucco eval. You should all have fun with this one. Download Attachment: Stucco eval letter 001.pdf 159.15?KB Click to Enlarge 55.43?KB Click to Enlarge 57.1?KB Click to Enlarge 67.03?KB Click to Enlarge 92.9?KB Click to Enlarge 79.88?KB Click to Enlarge 65.88?KB
  14. Yes I did and no there wasn't a WRB between the vinyl and LP. NO other structural panels either. Builder was from Canada. Built 4 houses in this neighborhood and left never to be found again. Buyers ended up walking away.
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