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  1. Polyiso Thermal Gard foam sheathing on interior basement. It's clearly labeled "combustible". Does this emit a toxic gas when burned? I've seen it used on exterior but is it acceptable for interior? Click to Enlarge 28.72 KB Click to Enlarge 51.58 KB
  2. These were all over the home. Liquid filled. Fire suppression? Click to Enlarge 12.09 KB
  3. Will it make my investment properties built in the 80's worth more?
  4. I'm also using HomeReport and not too happy with it. Anyone using Palm-Tech?
  5. I'm not really up on all the new techniques but my grand daddy was a plasterer and I was a commercial metal lather for 30 years. We lathed over many, many concrete walls with expanded metal lath. The plasterers would cover that with 1/2" mud. Seemed to work pretty good.
  6. For info on plaster TSIB.org is a good resource.
  7. Looks like the brown coat (2nd) to me.
  8. The first time I spoke to the RE assoc, I said that I used the canisters. They all looked at me like I was an idiot (because I was). I sucked it up and bought a Sun Nuclear 1028.
  9. I always have a paper report with me for back up.
  10. I thought I could run it on my droid but ended up buying an IPad.
  11. I first saw terra cotta block in the early 80's while remodeling the original Broadway store building in Los Angeles. It was used for fireproofing around the old riveted beams. I had to knock some of it off to weld stickers to the beams and found a rat fully intact. There were hoof prints in the concrete sub floors from the mules that were used on the job. Very interesting indeed.
  12. Darrin, Is the bank asking for this info?
  13. Thanks Jim. Was there a specific era it was used? Was/is it common. Any good as an insulator?
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