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  1. I have always had occurrence and I too need to renew. Need info...what happens when you change carriers on a claims made policy? Do the claims go to the carrier that you had at the time of the inspection or the one you have at the time of the claim? If the old policy ends on say 7/4 and the new one starts on say 7/5 and the claim is from 7/3 but made on 7/6, who covers it or does it depend on the wording in each policy. Do they all have to have what I will call "lingering coverage" for anything that happened during the time of their coverage that is filed after the close of the policy period? I know this is a tough deal, but I figure I can get the nuts and bolts of it from fellow inspector in language I can understand rather than getting it from an insurance carrier that speaks Greek. Thanks
  2. The tires must have weight in them to make them roll the 1/4 turn.
  3. I am a member of NAHI and it is true and it is about time.
  4. Is it acceptable for a condominium building with 3 stories of units to have a common shutoff for water supply, or does each individual unit have to have it's own shutoff inside the unit? Also, where can I find this info?
  5. Anyone else have a problem getting on 3D's web site. I keep getting a band width error.
  6. Save some money and buy the knockoff at Sears. Same design and strength but less money.
  7. Jim or Mike, Can you tell me if what you are talking about is the same as the one located here - http://www.professionalequipment.com/xq ... efault.htm I checked the "orange box" and Graingers and could not find anything but a garden style water flow regulator/meter. Johnstone Supply's website is so slow, I do not have time to navigate through it so I sent them an email to see if they carry it. No response yet.
  8. Yes, I did but I did not find it there, unless I am looking in the wrong area.
  9. Anyone know of a good website for inspection tools. I know of professionaalequipment.com and inspectortool.com. I am mainly looking for a Toro style water pressure/flow gauge and case. Anyone know where I can get them.
  10. Anyone selling one of these - Sun Nuclear Model #1027. I need another one.
  11. Why must they replace the FPE panals ASAP? I just let them know that they were the subject of litigation. I do not recall anything that was proven that led to call for their removal from the market or any recall that said to replace them. Did I miss something?
  12. This is a new blower that is on the market...anyone have any performance info on this new product? Download Attachment: IMG_1019.JPG 44.71 KB Download Attachment: IMG_1020.JPG 31.47 KB This is a window/box fan stuck in the heating system to replace the blower that does not work.
  13. That is interesting and great info. I will pass that on to their agent for FYI.
  14. The stove is electric. And after going back there with someone who speeks spanish, I have learned that there are not 10 people living there, THERE ARE 15......remember it is a two bedroom, one bath 700sf house.
  15. I am also going to have them check the chimney for proper operation/blockage. CO may be going into the house and may be adding to the problem. Here are a few pictures....hope you can see them. Download Attachment: IMG_0808.JPG 40.49 KB Download Attachment: IMG_0812.JPG 43.18 KB Download Attachment: IMG_0815.JPG 32.03 KB Download Attachment: IMG_0826.JPG 38.47 KB Download Attachment: IMG_0827.JPG 22.27 KB Download Attachment: IMG_0829.JPG 34.08 KB
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