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  1. The browner I get, the greener I get...my old plumbers license plate frame.
  2. pmb

    Ridge board splice

    I usually do a 3/4"plywood gusset over the splice, I know it is not needed, but nobody ever asks the question then.
  3. pmb

    ABS vs PVC

    Is this the saw forum?
  4. pmb

    ABS vs PVC

    . Wait five years, then try it again...I bet you won't have the same results.
  5. Another option, remove metal, sheath with CDX plywood, apply roofing underlayment then reinstall metal.
  6. I hired a concrete contractor that specializes in flatwork to do a front entry stamped walk approx. 225 sq.ft. After the pour and stamping there were noticeable foot impressions in the center of the walk going from one end to the other...the finished surface appeared lumpy because of the impressions. I spoke to the contractor the next day, and in essence told him this is not what I expected and it was unacceptable. He agreed to break it up and redo it. The next pour still had footprints in it, although fewer in number than the first pour. There are two sections that look perfect, and other areas have these birdbaths that hold at least 1/4" of water after a rain or snow melt, and some of the biggest ones are right in front of the entry steps. I maintain that this is still unacceptable, and have not paid him yet. My reasoning is that if he agreed to do it over because of the footprints the first time, then why should I accept the redone slab that still has foot depressions in it, although less than last pour. He had admitted that it wasn't his best job, but now says it is done according to industry standards. He actually told the homeowner that you need to expect this with stamped concrete. I am looking for some opinions on my expectations should be, and if I am being to critical. I will post some pictures but have to reduce their size first...too many mb's. Click to Enlarge 59.03 KB Click to Enlarge 47.2 KB
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