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  1. I also love mine...and since it was a gift from a well meaning brother in law, I love it even more! I just played w/ a LG at Home Depot...who knew they were carrying them now....and it is much smoother and lighter than the Cosco ladder...but not at close to 200 bucks more.....darn I wish bro in law would have bought me a LG.!!
  2. I saw the pics....I wouldn't say he missed it, but he overlooked it. Have heard this guys name quite a bit in town, the inspector that is...the realtors love him and they always mention his name when telling me they already have an inspector. And like I mentioned, the listing agent was pissed when she heard it was me doing the re-inspect and not this guy. I'm guessing the franchise he works for has nothing to do with why they like him....although, his price on the 5000 + sq.ft house might have something to do with it.... thanks guys.
  3. UPDATE My clients' realtor is a bit upset but understanding..he is having the original inspector come out and look at it also, preliminary thoughts are that i am correct in calling out the silicone..thanks guys for the tips. Sellers agent is not happy and wants to know why the original guy wasn't called out to begin with....apparently the sellers agent knows this guy from USInspect! LOL... Anyway, so far so good....thanks again for all the helpful advice.
  4. Jim.....that is exactly what I needed....I have been sitting on this report since Friday....and now I'm ready to write it. It wasn't repaired properly...neither were 2 of the other 5 things...maybe I should suggest an entirely new inspection at my price. BTW...the original was USInspect and the house is 5500 sq ft..they did it for $345....the Realtor almost fell out of his chair when I told him that was 1/2 of my price. Thanks guys, very helpful and I hope to return the favor someday....it was like being in a room w/ all of you and talking through it...thanks
  5. I had considered the same thing...returning the money. Pissing off the realtor doesn't really bother me, I have decided it is too hard to NOT piss them off to worry about it so much. FWIW..it is a One Million dollar home less than 2 years old.....sigh. PS would someone like to make that call for me? What should I tell my client as the reason for not doing that inspection for them after I agreed to do it.? I made a mistake and after consulting my insurance company they informed me that I will not be covered under these conditions?
  6. I was hired by a realtor who couldn't get the other inspector to come up for less than the total inspection fee....this area is out in the boonies. I didn't think the silicone was proper either...does it repel the water and do what it is intended...? (keep the water out) Probably it does...I also thought the flashing was incorrect....I also thought repointing would be ideal...not caulking like the dickens.... Question I have is: Since I was only hired to check the items listed...and my agreement w/ my client specifically says that all other items are not part of the inspection...should I mention the crack at all or if I mention the crack and subsequently get sued for not finding something else entirely will the lawyers pick me apart by saying since I went above and beyond on one thing, I should have gone above and beyond on others? Sigh....I wish I could learn to say no...never been very good at saying no except to my kids.
  7. I was hired to do a re-inspection of 5 items at a home that was inspected by another company....simple right? Only 5 items.... One of the items was loose grout/mortar at top of a stone chimney and missing at flashing.... Instead of using mortar they used clear silicone/caulking. Looks like 100% silicone....seller mentioned the "mason" told here he couldn't get new mortar to stick to old mortar. I also found a giant crack that isn't mentioned in the items I am supposed to check on. Report the crack or not to report the crack... Silicone ok or not ok? Thanks in advance. Download Attachment: 1043luckylady 013.jpg 63.08 KB Download Attachment: 1043luckylady 002.jpg 69.89 KB
  8. That is the new Swamp Pump 2000xl....integrated swamp cooler/heat pump......works great in high humidity areas such as Florida! What the heck are people thinking?
  9. There are many free pdf creators....I use primopdf.com Others I know use cutepdf...
  10. I will help you as well.... AtEaseREI@msn.com
  11. Well...cheap is defined differently by different people. But....I considered it cheap because there was no equipment to buy.... I pay 7.50 per month when it doesn't get used at all...or I pay 1.98% + .15 per transaction when the client performs the transaction and 2.23%+.15 per transaction when I do it....security issue. But if you figure in the cost of equipment, or lack thereof, it is much cheaper. And leasing equipment....ouch! I did that 15 years ago w/ my first business. Cheap cheap cheap may have been a mistype....I think payfuse is comparable to all other merchant accounts, except for the equipment costs and fees at the onset. They charged me $75 to set up the account. I have had merchant accounts that charged much more than that, required me to buy their equipment etc. All of this at the beginning of my self employment career many moons ago. So in my opinion, payfuse was cheap and easy to get set up on.
  12. I recently got set up with PayFuse....they integrate with my reporting software (HomeGauge) and it is cheap cheap cheap. Well, cheaper than any other merchant account I have ever set up..which there have been a few. No equipment to buy, there is a link on HomeGauge when the client goes to view their report, they have to pay first in order to see it. They are taken to a secure site where they input all the info, it approves it and now they can see their report. Money in my account in 3 days....seamless.
  13. I always wonder about his, but as I am pretty new perhaps I am just sloooow still. My summary is where all the difficult writing is located and I am never ready to write it until I am relaxing in my office with some tunage....I don't ever envision myself writing this best seller summary in the home with everyone waiting on me.... How do you do it?
  14. HG also has video tutorials....also, if you are afraid to make the wrong choice, you can lease HG w/out a contract..if you decide you hate it....you aren't out much cash. I don't think IV does that....good luck.
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