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  1. Thanks Chad, I will pass that information on to him. Craig
  2. Thanks. Its not what I see but what a customer didn't see. He had copper stolen from several units and said he was told that there was another kind of material that he could use to replace it that was not in such demand. I was not aware of anything that would work that I could tell him about but that I would look into it and let him know what I found out. Craig
  3. Does anybody know if anything other than copper can be used for piping for outdoor Heat Pumps/AC units? Thanks, Craig
  4. He may want to keep an open eye for frost upheaval on those basement walls. I have been doing some research on this very thing for a rebuild that I am working on and the only guarantee that I have found that it won’t happen is if you can prevent moisture from getting against the foundation via the soil. All information say’s insulate the outside if it’s cost effective or inside (above) the frost line. If anyone has info… stating otherwise please inform me. Craig
  5. Do a google search on this. "ITE pushmatic breaker panel info" You will get lots of info.[] Thanks, Craig
  6. Nice, I like it! Thanks, Craig
  7. Would that take care of any path found through the water? Thanks, Craig
  8. Board is pretty quiet this week. Hope its because everyone is busy inspecting.[:-magnify Craig
  9. Never seen it but it does resemble the mark of the D.I.Y er after maybe fire damage or some other type of damage to the roof. [?][:-boggled Craig
  10. Good job Charlie, I had to read almost the whole IRC book to locate all that.[:-hypnoti Thanks, Craig
  11. Kitchen counter top receptacles must be supplied by a min... of two 20 amp circuits and must be GFCI protected. These small appliance branch circuits can can serve other general purpose outlets, but cannot supply disposals, dishwashers, exhaust hoods, or fans all of which typically require dedicated circuits. A laundry must have its own 20 amp small appliance circuit for the washer and other small appliances. This is from JLC Field Guide vol.2 Best practice. Thanks for the opportunity
  12. All good advice. I would call the home owner and recommend that they do what was advised here, If they can not I would get there blessing before I turned any knobs or pushed any buttons. CYA. Thanks, Craig
  13. Make the recommendation! If someone cry's "code" because you are looking out for there safety and the safety of others, shame on them. Thanks for the opportunity! Craig
  14. Yes, I have been in that area a time or two attending training seminars. Thanks a bunch for all the useful info... helps a great deal and shows the caliber of people that frequent TIJ. Craig
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