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  1. After reading A Civil Action years ago, WR Grace was branded into my brain. Dis-Grace!
  2. Well, my golf game has improved considerably (high 80's). I'm still struggling with the guitar. And I'm wrapping up an interesting master's program. Oh, we also just bought a new Miata since I no longer need to tune my ladder-holes to play smoke on the water. I think of the champions here a lot - especially with this economy - and am pulling for all of you.
  3. Just thought of the good people here when I read this.
  4. A friend is looking for an HI in DC. Anyone here in that area? I looked at the map provided but don't see anyone from DC.
  5. We have lost the best newsperson in the business of explaining our world's politics to us, IMO. Tim Russert's passing has left Buffalo reeling.
  6. Les, I can't help but notice that those shoes match your bill perfectly - you're stylin' dude! You and Jim get well - this place wouldn't be the same without you (to say the least!)
  7. Thanks for letting us know Kurt. Jim is the best!
  8. The courses are wayyyy overpriced, but understanding IR is not intuitive. Take a look at the following web page - SCROLL DOWN to see the man holding the plastic bag and pay attention to his glasses. LINK You can see through glass, but your IR cam cannot.
  9. But it's one guy on one day. I have seen many MS programmers get very, very, very upset at people who complain that Windows and MS are sloppy. It's not uncommon on programmer forums to have people refer to "Windoze" to refer to its speed, or other names to complain about other aspects of MS or its products. Computers and software are annoying, but MS has many decent folk and they do have very rigorous testing. TIJ runs on Microsoft.
  10. I built this onto the back of my house in Rochester, but had a nice compound miter. Without the right tools, things often look like they were built without the right tools. Image Insert: 18.1 KB
  11. That's frustration talking. First, people complain about how long it takes MS to release a new OS. It takes a long time because they have a very large beta testing program and a very massive (yes, bloated) set of software to test. Once the new OS is out, then people say things like, "They just throw a program together quickly and get it into the market." People also complain that many "promised" features are left out of the final product. The reason the features are left out is because they aren't ready - they didn't pass beta testing. MS is the company people love to hate. I hate them at least once a day. But, in general, people don't understand the real reasons for why things aren't perfect - and they certainly aren't shy to bitch.
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