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  1. I agree with MJR as it looks like a bad concrete mix coupled with exterior moisture infiltration. If there's any steel rebar in that foundation wall it will only get worse, but by the age of the building I doubt they used steel rebar? Start by checking the exterior grade and seeing if you don't have ponding against that section of foundation in wet weather.
  2. Scott's answer best case scenario. There's plenty of risks in doing property inspections with looking for one like that. Say what you see and what you could not see, and why you couldn't see it.
  3. "With this kind of foundation, it's nearly impossible to keep rodents out from under the house. Expect mice, rats, chipmunks, voles, shrews, etc, etc." AND, even a RE agent or two? [:-party] Jim is right, post and pier support systems went out with the Studebaker. You'll need to be in overdrive during your inspection and then you'll be a hero to your client and pond scum to the agents. Image Insert: 87.92 KB
  4. After sitting a bar for a few hours and having enough to drink anything in a dress who walks in may look good? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but is it functional, in satisfactory or serviceable condition?
  5. I agree with Jim Katen’s opinion, but would like to add that what was the first thing the job foremen shouted when the concrete truck arrived? “Add 10â€
  6. How come I can't see any details, photos, drawings, etc. of that sink's drain lines?
  7. Chimneys & Vents: IRC, Chapter 18. Chimneys & Vents: UMC, Chapter 8 Image Insert: 48.43 KB Image Insert: 25.74 KB
  8. A man who will not put his opinion in writing, sign and date it is not worth the paper it's printed on, not. You did your job Philip, move on and don't worry about folks who appear felony stupid.
  9. Just finishing "The House of Mondavi, the Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty" by Julia Siler. A real soap opera with all the required ingredients - very entertaining - yet sad.
  10. Landing yes, concrete no. IRC 2006 311.5.4.
  11. Yes. Got code book? Read IRC 2006 312.
  12. Download and print this sign for handouts at your next inspection. I'm sure you'll be a big hit. (BAM!)
  13. I neither need nor desire to explain and/or defend what I classify as a classic psychometrically valid exam. The only thing I will attempt to explain is that if you have ever been to Disney Land I’m sure you’ve noticed those horizontal bars at a certain height where the line forms to get on the ride. If you can walk under those bars without hitting your head you didn’t ride, but if your head hits it you got on. Basically both NHIE and CREIA’s entry exams are set up in the same way to help determine if an entry level person’s knowledge about conducting a home inspection is adequate. Most entry level folks walk cleanly under the bar their first attempt, but after study many are able to retake and pass on their second attempt. Having worked on CREIA’s exams since 1999 and being very familiar with the NHIE exam it’s my opinion they’re the top two exams in the home inspection industry from what I have seen. ASHI did the smart thing in divorcing themselves from a national entry level exam for home inspectors otherwise I don’t think many states would adopt any entry level exam from any inspector association if they where licensing their Home Inspectors? BTW, if anyone thinks writing a psychometrically valid exam is simple, well – God love em…………………...
  14. Oh-oh, naturally the one I don't have, but that will be soon remedied. [:-paperba Thanks Jim.
  15. Brian has it right in speaking to defensive writing as a serious problem in inspection reports. Ah, the French thought the Maginot Line was defensible, but the Germans just went around it. Lawyers will do the same with that type of writing. I wish the great majority of inspectors would quit trying to be clever defensive writers, they’re lousy at it anyway, and just keep it simple and direct. When I review an inspection report where I have to wade through a fancy cover pager, 3 pages of fluff about the inspector’s fabulous background and training, 3 more pages of “it’s not my faultâ€
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