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  1. Hi to all I spent a huge ammount of time last fall studying the issue of the effects of licensing in all the states who both regulate inspectors, and whose State boards publish the results of discipinary actions, I have to tell you that I could find no corrolation what so ever between State licensing and consummer protection, the reported incidence of inspector failure is so small that it is statistically invalid. I personally keep flip flopping over the licensing issue, I believe valid licensing to be a good thing, if it offers protection to both the client, and as you say the inspector. I cannot find an act anywhere that can be demonstrated to do that. It escapes me as to why various groups in our industry are so hell bent on licensing, but fail to even lobby for limitation of liability clauses in bill proposals. I am sorry but all I ever see in licensing is protectionism. Regards
  2. Hi to all, Like many others I love the idea of a PDA but hate the screen size and also the fact that the opperating system does not support many programs. I have been looking at the OQO model 2 pocket pc which has a full windows XP or vista OS www.oqo.com Regards Gerry
  3. Bryan, I would suggest that you look at the Dryflekt website, this is the flashing that I spec for repairs, the site has good drawings and CAD files. www.dryflekt.com Regards Gerry
  4. Hi to all, I have to agree with Dom, one of my own membes down here was opperating like that, not only is it illegal for a HI to contract for that work in this state, but also in doing so they would be buying a big chunk of any potential liabilities in this area. Ther have been several actions taken against HI's doing exactly this. Regards Gerry
  5. Chris, last time I spoke with Jimmy he was off to the land of my fathers to quoff down pints of finest English ale (and the swine went without me!!!) Not sure if he is back yet. Regards Gerry
  6. Hi to all, The best refernce site for composite siding is run by David Cohen from Portland Oregon. www.sidingsolutions.com BTW David also publishes a very good handbook on the subject for very short money, highly recommended. Regards Gerry
  7. Hi Jim, thanks for the update, shame prices are getting out of hand. I have been seeing the same thing on Ebay, prices are getting very silly with some stuff making far higher prices than I would expect. Better luck next-time, but what will you do for laughs after you have bought one? The thrill is in the chase! Regards Gerry
  8. Hi to all. Ya'll gotta love ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Super-Multicoated-T ... dZViewItem Regards Gerry
  9. Chad, I turned off the safe search mode, and opened a bottle of Merlot. All I can tell you is that it has been an interesting and enlightening evening. Thanks (I think) Regards Gerry BTW drop a dime when you have a boring 1/2 hour
  10. The 15- and 30-amp designations indeed refer to the current levels at which the meters are tested and adjusted. (I've been doing some research.) However, it's misleading to say that they have nothing to with the meter's maximum amperage. The issue for a meter isn't the maximum amperage; it's the continuous load range. In modern meters, this is labeled as a class designation and is printed on the meter as the letters "CL" followed by a number. For instance a CL-200 meter is a class 200 meter rated for a continuous load of 200 amps. According to ANSI C12.10, a 15-amp meter is equivalent to a class 100 meter and a 30-amp meter is equivalent to a class 200 meter. Any of these meters can handle far greater currents for short periods of time. From this information, it seems to me that 15-amp meters are intended for use on 100-amp systems and 30-amp meters on 200-amp systems. If anyone has any information that conflicts with this please speak up. I'd like to know if I'm wrong. Of course, the meter is the property of the power company and they can use whatever meter they want. But a mismatch between a meter and the service equipment can be an important clue for a home inspector. - Jim Katen, Oregon Hi Jim, thank you for that, you added to my knowledge on the subject, I was not aware or the corralation between the test/calibration amperages and the continuous load amperages. Regards Gerry
  11. The old 15 amp meters were rated for use with 100 amp services. You'll also see 30-amp meters in that part of town. These were rated for use with 200 amp services. I have no idea why they carry the 15 and 30 amp designations. - Jim Katen, Oregon Hi to all, The 15 (and later 30) amp figure seen on many older meters is the testing and calibration amperage, and nothing to do with the meters maximum amperage. Regards Gerry
  12. Hi to all, Prestons list that unit as being a 1984, and yes as other have stated it is a 3 ton unit. Regards Gerry
  13. Mike, to the best of my knowledge there is no available software for the Mac OS, however you will be able to use the web server based system from ReportHost www.reporthost.com Regards Gerry
  14. Hi to all, Here is a link to a guest book, you may all want to leave a few words, Norm will be surely missed. http://www.legacy.com/PalmBeachPost/Gue ... D=18219784 Regards Gerry
  15. Roni, I believe that both Homegauge and 3D have or are currently developing Spanish versions of their software. Regards Gerry
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