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  1. Thermal image resolution for this unit is 80x60. That is the same resolution as the E4 which sells for $999. Anatol
  2. Probably not, but the corrosion could cause a leak. Anatol
  3. Typically, the fan should be in unoccupied area, attic or the exterior and the vent should terminate above the roof line
  4. Fellow Inspectors, I see a lot of flips with upgraded (100) and up-sized (150-200) panels. Most of the time they are not adding arc fault protection on the required circuits. When I ask the local inspectors, they say that if the new panel is located with in 6' of the previous panel, they do not require upgraded protection to the circuits. At the same time they do require all outlets to be upgraded to tamper resistant. Is this a local thing or part of the NEC? Anatol
  5. They are all grounds, Thanks for the info. Anatol
  6. Here is a link to the picture on my FB page. https://www.facebook.com/ALP-Inspection ... 734482342/
  7. The bare aluminum and copper is not insulated...
  8. I found a panel with conductors touching and crossing the main feeders. I know this is not a good idea, but is there a code that covers this? Getting a server error and can't upload the picture, will try later... Anatol
  9. Thanks all... I'll update my client. Anatol
  10. Fellow Inspectors, I have a question about windows with built in j channel or self flashing windows. I called these windows as missing J channel. The builder is saying they area properly installed. This is new construction with vinyl siding. All comments are welcome. Anatol Click to Enlarge 37.77 KB Click to Enlarge 23.79 KB Click to Enlarge 24.32 KB Click to Enlarge 30.41 KB Click to Enlarge 36.69 KB
  11. John, Get a 1' extension cable and leave your tester plugged into that. That will reduce the wear and tear. Anatol
  12. Thanks, I'll check them out. Anatol
  13. During a re-inspection yesterday, this document was provided to my client by the seller's hvac contractor. I had reported low flow to the bedrooms and no heat source in the kitchen. There was no change at the time of the 2nd inspection. I was unable to feel any air movement from under the dishwasher or the stove which block the supply in the kitchen. Click to Enlarge 28.02 KB My client said that was BS. I suggested that she have the system properly balanced and the supply repaired in the kitchen. Closing was scheduled for today... Anatol
  14. I am looking at the wall mounted units. I was hoping that someone had some experience with them. I have only seen the Crown and Buderus models in the real world, but I know there are more out there... Anatol
  15. Fellow Inspectors, I am looking for some advice regarding the replacement of my antique boiler. Home is middle group brick and block town home. 1300 Sf not including finished basement. In wall convectors. I did the heat loss calculation and came up with 16,785 BTU/hr loss. The old oil fired boiler unit had enough waste heat to warm the basement, I may have to add a heat source there to make up for that. I am planning on installing a gas fired 90%+ condensing boiler. Several I have seen while inspecting had variable input from 30-90K BTUs depending on need. Does anyone have any thoughts of the best quality brand, heat exchanger metal, best warranty or other factors. All advice is welcome... Anatol
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