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  1. Thanks gentlemen, I appreciate the support. That's how I feel about it.
  2. Am I missing something here? This flat roof has 2 sheets of 5/8 low-density fiberboard underlayment with a plank deck under that. 1) Would it get this spongy (note the footprint) with a leak in the rubber covering (I am assuming it can, but rather than assume, I am asking for an opinion)? 2) Would it be common to add a foam board insulation to a repaired area (white styrofoam), and then add the rubber covering over that? How about a lot of cement or tar to level out a prior repair (the garage door header was replaced and painted over). It was actually spongy enough to maintain my footprint in the roof covering (but then would relax), for a bit. Temperature today was 65/sunny, inspection at 3:00PM. It does not seem swollen under the covering and there are no signs of moisture in the garage area, soffits or interior. No signs of moisture. You can make a 1/2+ inch divit if you push your finger in it. Thanks in advance. Click to Enlarge 48.61 KB
  3. I just want to give a shout out to Rob Amaral for his help with regards to the roof portion of my inspection today. I had not seen thermal splitting like that and went to TIJ for help. Rob took a look, gave me a call, and overall we got it right. Thanks again, Rob and to TIJ!
  4. My father was a union plumber for 30+ years. He taught me that when you work under the contract you agreed upon, you give them a good day's work for the wage and benefits you accepted. Nothing less. It frustrated him to no end that there were a few guys in the Local that thought "being union" was a path to entitlement rather than a brotherhood where skilled workers supported each other and put pride in the fact that being trained in "the trades" meant delivering a superior product without equal. Today, I too am a member of a union (firefighter). Overwhelmingly, we are proud of our work, and strive to be better at our craft than we were yesterday. I take his advice to heart and recall it often. There are always a few bad apples, be it plumbers, firefighters or home inspectors. Union or non-union. However, I think most want to do their best, and leave happy customers. Not preaching, just adding to the conversation.
  5. Thanks again boys. As always, when I have to look something up or come here for input, I pass that information along to my clients. In this case, they wrote me a really nice review, so you all share in the credit.
  6. Could this be used for some sort of pump motor? I admit I have not seen this set up before. I was originally thrown off by the SC for the electric heat (just seeing it in the box). Panel had a breaker for the well pump, so this does not serve the well pump or sump. I could not find any other motor or device that might need this. Any thoughts?
  7. My apologies... Click to Enlarge 86.9 KB
  8. I came across this appliance today. SC for the electric heat comes in from underground and into this box and then on to the 100A 240V electric heat panel (separate SC for the house electrical). My question is, what is this brown box I'm looking at? I see it reads "Arrow Heat" model E on the left side, but I cannot identify it. Do any one of you what this appliance is?
  9. In my fire/medical district this is normal housekeeping. No kidding. Some complete with dog poop. I just hate it when when they stop by sometimes with brownies or cookies. I smell your pain.
  10. Yahoo this morning. Homeowner sues over homes troubled past
  11. I sort of see this as a "do-unto-others" kinda thing. Perhaps the buyers are from out of town (or state, OR country) and don't know. Would I want to know about an issue such as the one Bill proposed? One that could potentially cause me difficulty to resell my property? You bet I would. I don't think an ethics issue like this would go in my report, sort of outside the scope of the inspection. I would make an advisement, though. I would very carefully but tastefully do what I could to make my clients aware of the recent history and then stand by my word should any chips fall. After all, in Minnesota a seller would have to disclose relevant history such as this, so the bug is on them. If I have my facts straight, I have nothing to worry about. If a Realtor got mad, I would point out their responsibility concerning disclosure issues. If they didn't use me again, good, I don't want associate with someone who does business like that. I am more concerned about doing a good job and subsequently getting quality referrals from satisfied clients than you-know-who. Again, I would want to know. After all, if the price is right, anything can be sold. Maybe my client uses the information and renegotiates the price. Serves someone right for trying to pull a fast one.
  12. Best of luck, Jim. Will have to look for you at the Globe.
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