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  1. The double wye would force the connection to the vent to below the weir of the trap. A double T "combo" would have been the best choice. If they used a wye then they would have to take the vent connection off the top of the horizontal drain and run it up and over to the stack
  2. Bingo, the vent connection is too low. IPC 905.3
  3. You make the call on this one. This one is obvious.
  4. That appears to be step flashing and the siding acts as counter flashing. This may be OK if we had better photographic evidence and could verify the height of the vertical portion of the step flashing.
  5. Very common to see substandard work like that. Too lazy to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions and the code requirements. Most manufacturers require 5" of vertical flashing with 7x10 pieces and the code since 2009 (IRC) requires 4" of vertical flashing. Step flashing with counterflashing is the only acceptable method. I just did an expert witness for this exact situation that resulted in leaks during driving rainstorms.
  6. If this is a single family house then there is already an issue with "Grouping" of disconnects. The meter is not a disconnect. There is no hard and steadfast rule for the distance within a home that the disconnect needs to be one it enters the structure. That is subjective to the AHJ. I have routinely allowed 10' or more if there were plumbing/mechanical equipment in the way and the service conductors were kept in conduit.
  7. Yep, 2008 was the change with the NFPA 70
  8. Yeah, weird. I found 10 inspectors in that area but never heard of any of them.
  9. Looking for solid recommendations in this area. I will interview and pick the inspector for my client. Thank you in advance. You can email me direct if you want to at my private email, jeff@painspector.com
  10. That is just stupid no matter how you look at it. Sanitary Tee on its side, change of direction more than 45 deg without a clean out. ABS PVC glue issues, primer issues, complete nonsense.
  11. NEC 300.11(A)Secured in Place. Raceways, cable assemblies, boxes, cabinets, and fittings shall be securely fastened in place. - Jim Katen, Oregon I won't argue with that and I know that we're talking about dryers but, in my area, it's common to leave the range receptacle box loose so that it can be moved to accomodate various models and brands of ranges. Marc Common practice and code compliance are two different things. There are a lot of common practices which are not code compliant and not acceptable except to those that look the other way.
  12. Yes, what Jack said. I agree. I see this often with cell phone towers.
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