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  1. I've taken a few photos of different cameras I've used/had my hands on. I use a T420 much of the time, but have an E series for a back up. You can look at some images of various cameras here https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/117719861 ... 6547295169 When you click on a pic, you can then click on "photo details", to see what camera was used. After using / having a few, I'd say a combination of resolution and sensitivity is king. For example, my first camera a E40BX had lower resolution than a B60, but pics were/are better and was no comparison in the field, and the E Series has same resolution as the T Series camera I have, but there's no comparison IMO. The MSX is handy for panel scans, but I turn it off while scanning buildings myself..
  2. great resource John. Thanks!
  3. My Commodore VIC20 still does a good job.... at what I'm not sure though. Stuff has come a long way. Imagine if everything was still on a cassette drive. Our software suppliers would send us updates in the mail, and we'd be happy about it.
  4. Kind of a basic tip, I'm sure as I seem to carry and erect the ladder as described. I also carry one of those 3' round metal form stakes and tap it in at the base of the ladder when setting it up on a soil surface to keep the ladder from sliding/walking out behind me. When I erect the ladder from a deck, I'll screw down a 2x4 block behind the ladder to keep it from slipping back as well. I realize these are really basic tips, but as most of us that incur a serious injury will likely do so by way of a ladder or roof, you cant be too careful. I also may order "this" http://www.eye-stick.com/index.htm when I'm done posting... A local inspector I knew was seriously injured via a ladder earlier this year, none of us are "superman"
  5. Called from the lawyers office to ask about CO detector.... RICH. Weird Sellers?? One that I chuckled at below. The sellers I think are funny are the one's that "tease" the buyer about "taking stuff with them". There's a movie (can't remember the name) where the sellers "joked" about that, only they weren't joking, when the buyers moved in... all was gone!! I was performing an inspection a couple months ago and the sellers were relentless about teasing the buyer's that they liked the appliances, the bridge over the pond and a bunch of other upgrades enough to pack 'em on up!! What did I do??? Kept quiet, but did take a few extra pictures!!! Their agent was there, not my job. But funny nonetheless.
  6. Good Point... Not to cut/snip away your other thoughts... but worth repeating. Good other thoughts on "tuning up" of how we communicate to our clients, and how we can improve. Maybe, less IS more. Thanks
  7. Hey Everybody, Just saying hello here to the forum. I had run accross it and hope to get and provide some good input. Tim Spargo
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