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  1. Kurt, I volunteer. I'll review you and you review me. There will however have to be a vow of secrecy.
  2. Chad, Now that I think about it, perhaps you and I could have some fun in an organization with a couple of members right out of Disney World.
  3. Branden, I agree completely. This organization, left unchecked, will eventually kill us all. The fact that these airheads were retained by Nick to speak for his organization with such misrepresentation, and there was not a mass exodus from the group, speaks volumes about their collective mentality. Now should we apply this same inability to reason to their ability to inspect? Someone Please explain to me why this should not be a concern. Terence, Thanks.
  4. Come on now. When is enough, enough? Team informercials? How many lies can you pick up here? http://wm.kusa.gannett.edgestreams.net/ ... 080306.wmv
  5. I don't know Mike. Most times we just butt heads and we both walk away with a headache. HOWEVER, I could live with a king with such a philosophy, headache or not
  6. It was not meant to be such, but I can say that if I wanted to be a member of an organization of home inspectors, I would avoid any association with NACHI like poison ivy. I would (and do) however have the opposite attitude towards ASHI.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCZu8Wsg ... inspection How about this?
  8. a46geo

    Web Host

    I'm sure there pobably are local companies, but I have not even thought to look for any. I have my web site back now but they lost 1/2 of it. I know what is missing, I just can't figure out how to put it back. I'm going to drop these people as soon as I can, before it happens again. Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate the feed back.
  9. a46geo

    Web Host

    Can anyone recommend a GOOD web host? My new one stinks. I had Burlee for 3 years, no problem. Then they were bough out by Interland. I had Interland for 3 years, no problem. Then they were bought out by Web.com I have had Web.com for two weeks and in that period of time my site has been down more than it has been up and I can no longer connect with it because they have lost Front Page extensions. George
  10. Disgusting. Nick Gromicko Founder National Association of Certified Home Inspectors www.nachi.org I have been away for a while, How long has Nick been acknowledging that he is disgusting?
  11. a46geo

    Neat find

    I guess Scott will never learn. Poor guy, I see a few rust stains all the time.
  12. I'm impressed Don. I can't even spell sublimonatable. But, what I can do is remove the avatar. Even though it seems to be the one used the least. Now, will somebody explain to this syber-idiot how to post his own avatar?
  13. Hi Jimmy! No I haven't. Not even thinking about it. It is just that blue is my favorite color and that logo always makes me smile. After Kurt's post, it will now make me laugh out loud.
  14. Hi Don, You are absolutely correct, you have to know your market. With cable TV the ads are really quite cheap. I found the do-it-yourself, home improvement, house detective shows don’t yield much. But the news and brainy shows like Nova do work quite well. For the mall I mean set up a table and sit there and talk to people. That DOES work and it only cost me $175 for 3 days that produced 5 inspections at $395 each. My radio campaign on the other hand on fizzled. As far as the truck lettering, I already pay more for commercial insurance. But take a look at why you might need commercial insurance, (tool coverage in my case). I a not sure about the team sponsorship either but the idea was name recognition. After you become known well enough, people just automatically call you. It is an unconscious thing I am told. The newspaper ads either have to be target specific or super generic. I got this from Chris P. I advertised in an area with a lot of new subdivisions for “warranty inspectionsâ€
  15. I couldn't help but notice all the cobwebs over here on this topic. Here are a few things that worked for me: 1/ Mind set. I made up my mind that the home inspection business can be run just like any other business in my town. So I looked around at what other business were doing. 2/ Advertise: Newspaper (Q $ A form), billboard, cable TV, radio, truck lettering, newsletters, sponsorship of local sports teams, join the local chamber of commerce, Lions Club and Rotary Club. Mall displays, yard signs, a booth at local home improvement shows and bulk mail flyers. Advertisement must be consistent and always include a reason to call you. Like "before your new home warranty is up". 3/ Farm (cultivate) the heck out everyone you ever met. Family, friend’s neighbors and most of all every single past customer needs some kind of contact every other month to keep your name and what you do fresh in their mind. This contact can be a snail-mailed or email newsletter, phone call or even just a card. The contact should also contain some kind of useful information for them. Like how to clean and store used paintbrushes. You really can generate all the business you can handle without ever stepping foot into a real estate office. In fact, after not too long, referrals from past customers (I don't call them clients) will keep you busy enough that you can stop advertising. I forgot to mention, my advertising always included the hook .."For pricing, visit my web site." The whole idea was to get them there where I could REALLY advertise. What does everybody else do?
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