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  1. First of all Mike, don't characterize my posts as attacks on the franchise system in general. That's not what I said and I am offended to be categorized as such by your filibusters. My comments were not designed or intended to make comparisons of methods of entry into the marketplace or condemn any system as a whole. Knowing your sensitivity when it comes to dealing with controversial issues on your board, I strove to portray an objective point of view but my efforts were obviously fruitless, at least where you are concerned. Nor were they intended as a personal attack on your background. It a
  2. All valid observations Mike and there are exceptions to all generalizations. If I were to glean a point from my remark it would simply be that in a profession where knowledge, education and training are paramount, franchising and all the inherent good and evil that comes as the nature of the beast, the franchise process in general places marketing way too far ahead of the curve in relationship to training, creating a lot of people in risky positions doing a lot of business without proper training.
  3. www.iccsafe.org The I Quest version of the handbook has incredible search capabilities.
  4. With all due respect, I have not heard of a franchise company, especially in our profession, whose primary concern was anything other than selling franchises; or whose buyers are not typically inexperienced. Not a criticism, everyone has to start somewhere, just an observation based on the real world situation.
  5. My bad then. In my alleged mind (a seemingly dangerous place to be) it has always carried with it the connotation of having a conscious knowledge of what one is doing and the effect of the performance of said action with intent and no allowance for accidental ramifications of said action. In this case synonymous with purposefully disseminating misinformation to my (mis)understanding. Sorry my for misunderstanding. Thanks Kurt. I'm glad we had this little talk [:-dunce]
  6. Perpetrate suggests an intentional misrepresentation IMO Gerry. I'm sure there was no malicious intention. I have a lot of respect for the organization.
  7. In the past, I too suscribed to that theory Ron. It is urban legend. I had an opportunity to ask Douglas Hansen last week. Residentially, no height requirement. In comercially hazardous locations they must be higher, unless the area is sufficiently ventilated.
  8. Douglas Hansen adresses this complicated issue very well in Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings, a book that all inspectors should have IMHO.
  9. 1 1/2 hour inspection??? I'd say he got lucky.
  10. If you are working in Word, try putting the pictures in text boxes or tables.
  11. crusty


    One word, union. I was doing work in the New York City area in the late 80's and they still required cast iron drain lines with poured lead joints. Nothing like quintupling the labor cost.
  12. Shit, Kurt -that comparison aint fair. In 1950's Chicago they were pouring basement floors over an 18 inch layer of compacted teamsters. LMAO! ROFL![:-bonc01][:-bonc01]
  13. You are lucky you weren't on it when it gave out I suppose. I don't trust any telescoping ladder.
  14. I would be curious about opinion regarding national standardization Mike.
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