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  1. Yeah Mike, I also consider Allan’s ideas worth-praising as if they’re applied properly, one can have huge benefits out of them. Ain’t it?
  2. The idea is good but if I am not wrong, we have applied it earlier as well.
  3. Can we also be a part of Angie’s list? And what are the best ways to get good reviews from them? I’d love to know!
  4. Well, Tom I agree with you because I have also heard the same words against the mackaging deptt at Russer, because few of my friends usually visit that place so often for fun only.
  5. Well, Jim there are lots of top order insurers around that can give you the best of advice. I m not into any such business, otherwise, I would have guided you well in this regard. You should better consult this matter with some expert insurer.
  6. Mark: Well, there are lots of factors that attracted me towards this forum, as some my friends are of the view that inspector’s journal is an outstanding place to get answers of questions that you feel nobody can. Besides, I am quite thankful to all of you and I hope that we’ll have a great time discussing various problems in the forum here.
  7. Hi, My name is Cathy Duncan and i am working for multinational organization for past 6 years. Hello to all fellow members and i hope i will have a great time with you guys. Regards Cathy Duncan
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