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  1. I'm using HP Envy 5660 and very happy with it. John Callan
  2. Just flew it for about 15 minutes so need lots more time for full evaluation. I watched it around roof very closely (very windy) and kept glancing at monitor. Lost sight couple time on back roof with no issues. I can switch from video to camera in a second. Also it hovers very well (stays pretty much right in place) so if something looked like an issue can fly quite close and snap photos. Photos are downloaded onto micro disk on phantom. I can move camera any way I want including straight down with phone app that attached to monitor. When it landed just upload them to my iPhone for instant review. Not saying it's the answer to never walking on roofs but I come across some difficult roofs(as we all do) where I believe this can be very useful. When I did the 1st video the drone was up 400 feet up/out and well out of my vision so had to rely on monitor. Also went so far it lost signal and iPhone app said "signal lost heading to home base". After about 5 minutes could hear it then soon see as it began to come down directly over my head on an automatic flight land path when I was to regain control and land. So far the hardest thing is getting use to flight stick. I want to be able to fly it where I want too without thinking about flight controls. (elevate ,turn, throttle up or down, back or forward, etc.) I figure it will be about a month before I use it on a job. Need lots more flight time to feel comfortable. Or then again it may just turn out to be expensive toy after all.-time will tell. John
  3. [:-taped]quote]Originally posted by Marc Nice demo of the bird. Too far away from roof/wall surfaces to garner any points as an inspection tool IMHO. Marc Actually I didn't try to look at the walls yet-just tried it out(short flight) but it can get very close to roof as the chimney top photo clearly shows. I can get very close to roofs and walls. It is very stable as the camera is on a gimbal and it links to up to 8 satellites to know its position-not a toy like some drones. (AR Parrot comes to mind) By the way battery is good for 25 minutes. But it is newer technology and not right for everyone yet. But heck I remember when some folks thought photos in a report was a waste of time. Here is another close up photo. John Callan Click to Enlarge 30.25 KBd).
  4. Here is a video link to my 1st few drone flights. Was very windy but not to hard to control. It took about 8-10 minutes to look at the roof and video & take many photos. I need more a lot more practice before using on a real job. But see definite potential for some more difficult roofs. Also here are some photos taken with it. So far very pleased. John Callan [utube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZepZCfjKxY8&feature=youtu.be" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="344"> [utube] " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="344"> [utube] " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="344"> Click to Enlarge 53.6 KB Download Attachment: Roof Photo using Drone camera.jpg 93.38?KB Download Attachment: Roof Photo with Drone camera.jpg 97.28?KB
  5. I use Nikon Monarch 5 -10x42 - very happy with them John Callan
  6. I have what is considered a low end thermal imager- (Tis) It's far from perfect but very useful. I use it on every inspection. I have found many issues with it and include the thermal image in the report. Just last week saw an unusual reading in radiant floor heat that I reported as a possible/probable leak in a slab. Sellers realtor made a big deal about my report(which I could care less about) They brought in a heating pro who called me to come back-sure enough leak was right were I said it was. Have also found radiant ceiling heat not functioning. (thankful I don't come across that crap to often!) Found active ice damming many times that you could not see without which moisture meter then conformed. Two weeks ago found missing insulation in older house that was totally rehabbed over zero clearance gas fireplace. (builder/seller actually called me and thanked me-imagine that) I could tell you many more times but I figure you will get the point.- even the cheap end Tis is very useful-(might be all you need) Below is a sample of a thermal image using the Tis Click to Enlarge 715.28 KB John Callan
  7. Window logo left corner-when you click on it programs appear and at the bottom a blank search tab appears type in a word-example- no drip edge on rakes and doc appears with past reports that uses that word phrase- John Callan
  8. Just what Fabry & Kurt said,its usually just as quick to type it. If I need a boilerplate comment for FBE panels or other items I just hit window start program like Mike does with the phrase I would use and all my documents with that comment appear. Usually takes me seconds to fine what I need and do a copy and paste and any quick modification I need to do to fit that particular inspection. By the way I use to think long detailed reports are great but lately I think less is more, just get to the point-you gotta smell the salt air sometimes. John Callan
  9. Here in Maine I have seen many active mitigation systems over the years. (well over a hundred). John Callan
  10. Just curious if anyone has ever come across this type of siding? It was metal with a type of fiberboard underneath, falling out everywhere. John Callan Click to Enlarge 24.96 KB Click to Enlarge 57.06 KB Click to Enlarge 47.24 KB
  11. I closed it real fast-but reopened it for the photo with quick prayer that he did not land on my head-that could have got ugly! (Could not pass up the photo shot!) John Callan
  12. Thanks Bill, The house has town water, but I doubt it did when it was constructed. So I take it the purpose of this tank to naturally temper the cold water? John Callan
  13. Has anyone ever seen a tank like this? It was connected to a 1973 New Yorker boiler. I think it is a type of cold water storage tank for the tankless system, but have never come across this before. John Callan Click to Enlarge 51.22?KB
  14. Speaking of raccoons- I had an interesting find at my inspection yesterday why looking up the fireplace flue. John Callan Click to Enlarge 26.15?KB
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